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Birth of a (Grown-up) Starr June 24, 2009

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Krystal's Birthday (Adult)

Meet Krystal Starr (she’s the one that just blew out the candles).  She moved to Sunset Valley not too long ago, and she’s already made a few friends and has a job at City Hall.  She’s a natural schmoozer, so she fits in well with the politcal scene.

Krystal bought herself a furnished house that pretty much wiped out her savings, but her frugal nature has her trying to save back every penny she can.  She loves to clip coupons, and she loves to shop when there’s a sale.

See the guy to the left waving a noisemaker?  That’s Ian.  Ian and Krystal met one night over at the library, and something just clicked with them.  Perhaps it was that Ian saw Krystal’s good side.  Maybe Krystal liked Ian’s excitable and charismatic nature.  Not too long after this picture was taken, they decided to marry.



1. Kayla - August 1, 2009

cool 🙂
thanks alot for the comment!!

2. Krystal - August 5, 2009

This is kinda weird and the name will definitely distract me and send my mind in a million other directions. XD If it’s any good, I’ll keep reading. A lot of the blogs on wordpress are terrible, but the three that I read are In His Own World, Eafi’s Life Of Trouble (my favorite) and Alice and Kev. (which is going nowhere, and I’ve noticed an extreme lack in quality of those. They’re not even good anymore.)

Krystal - August 19, 2009

Haha, I remember when I put that! I have my own blog now! (OMJ! I’m on your blogroll!) I like this, though…I’ll keep reading!

celara - August 20, 2009

Welcome back!

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