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A Bevvy of Babysitters June 28, 2009

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Having so many kids, even with Krystal home on what seems to be a never ending maternity leave, it is hard to keep up with all their needs without help.  Ian and Krystal have resorted to using babysitters to helping take care of their six kids.

Some of the babysitters have come and gone, but four have been regulars in the Starr household.

Jamie Shackleford

Jamie Shackleford

Of the four regulars, Jamie Shackleford has looked after the Starr six the longest.  He got his job after Krystal found out her first babysitter was a kleptomaniac.  Jamie’s a bit of a slob, but Krystal loves his charismatic nature, and the fact that he is family-oriented.  She loves it when Jamie comes in the blows kisses to her babies.

Like many of the babysitters though, having all six babies cry at once can really wreak havoc on the nerves.  Jamie may love kids, but he doesn’t love all the noise.

Angelique Finley

Angelique Finley

Angelique Finley is a rather quiet girl, and neither Krystal nor Ian has really gotten to know her.  She seems to do well taking care of the kids though, and they’ve really had no issues with her.

Like Angelique, Leigh Withers is also a bit of a mystery.  She comes in and does her job, but Krystal and Ian haven’t really found out much about her.  Occasionally, they will see her with a book in her hand, but other than the fact that she seems to enjoy reading, they haven’t learned much more about Leigh.

Leigh Withers

Leigh Withers

 The latest person to join the group of babysitters is Cyriaque Cortez.  Early on, Krystal found out Cyriaque was flirty and family-oriented.  He also comes in each day and blows kisses to all the babies.  He works hard most of the time.  Every once in a while he’ll take one of the babies with him into the living room  to catch a bit of TV while the others sleep.

If it weren’t for these four, life would indeed be more difficult in the Starr household.  Neither Krystal nor Ian would get any sleep or time to have any fun.

Cyriaque Cortez

Cyriaque Cortez



1. Becca - July 16, 2009

HA! I love this blog as much as Kev & Alice already 🙂

2. Kayla - August 1, 2009

this is great lol

3. Krystal - August 5, 2009

This is terrible. I’m done here.

4. Krystal - August 5, 2009


celara - August 6, 2009

Don’t be sorry; not every story is for everyone. Unfortunately, the first few chapters were written before I started taking a lot of pictures, and so a lot of it is very text driven. I’ll admit, some folks could see it as a snooze and leave early.

You enjoy a lot of the stories I do. If you’re looking for something with a bit more intrigue, I’d suggest medleymisty.wordpress.com for the story “In the Valley of the Sun”. It is well written, well photographed, and one of the best written things I’ve seen on Sims3 to date. It’s on my blogroll now, and it is fast on the way to being added to my favorites.

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