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A Missing Starr June 28, 2009

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After the fire, Kystal decided it might be time to get to know some of her babysitters better.  She started with Cyriaque, the newest babysitter in the house.

She knew she liked his family-oriented nature, and she could put up with his flirtiness.  She was surprised to find out that Cyriaque was a kleptomaniac!

Cyriaque and IanKrystal had fired her first babysitter for having this trait.  However, with Cyriaque, she was torn.  After all, he was great with the kids.  Also, Ian was starting to get to know him as well, and the two often chatted in the nursery.  Krystal thought perhaps she could wait and see if there were any other problems.  After all, the day of Shai Ning’s birthday, there were several people in the house.  There was no proof that Cyriaque had taken the smoke detector.  Krystal’s good nature said he was innocent until proven guilty.

One evening, Krystal and Ian had been sleeping when Cyriaque had finished his babysitting shift.  When they woke up, they found six cribs…and only five babies!

This is one of the only known pictures of poor little Fah Ling.

This is one of the only known pictures of poor little Fah Ling.

They went through the nursery, checking to see which baby was missing.  Toddler Shai Ning was sleeping soundly.  All the girls were in their beds.  Rai Sing was in need of a change, and Fah Ling…where was Fah Ling?!?

Krystal and Ian did everything they could to find their baby.  However, nothing they did helped them locate their missing little one.  Because they did not see what happened, they can only suspect.  Whether it is denial, or still thinking the best of him, Krystal continues to employ Cyriaque as a babysitter, though she keeps her eyes on him as often as she can.



1. kansine - July 15, 2009

OMG!!! Is it really possible that a babysitter steals your baby? :O BTW, I really like this story!

celara - July 16, 2009

I didn’t even know the baby was gone until I got a message that he was off the lot. It asked me if I wanted to go get him or have the babysitter do it. I chose the babysitter, but suddenly his picture disappeared in game. He still appeared in the picture for the saved game though.

2. Becca - July 16, 2009

How does a Sim steal a baby? That’s wild! But they can put cars in their pockets so maybe…

Loving the blog 🙂

celara - July 16, 2009

From what I understand, it is another game glitch. I know at the time it happened, the babysitter had been holding Fah Ling right before he left at the end of his shift.

3. Alice and Kev Fan - July 22, 2009

OMG! I had this same thing happen to me in a Sims 2 glitch. The nanny walked right off the lot with my family’s baby and the baby’s picture disappeared!

Then she had the nerve to show up for work the next day.

I was so mad, I built a little box on the lot, lured her into it, then took away the door.

Once I cooled off I let her out. But she was in pretty bad shape then; smelly, starving, and exhausted. I didn’t have University at that time otherwise I would have fed her too the cow plant. At least then I wouldn’t have had to pay her.

I’m so naughty. 😀

4. meezletoe - August 1, 2009

Reset him!!! AAGH!!!
…I’m gonna read the rest of the blog now. XD

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