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Another Birthday June 28, 2009

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Krystal's Elder Birthday

Once again, the house is decorated for a birthday.  Whose birthday is it?  Krystal’s!  She’s about to become an elder.

The front of the house looks good.  More construction has been done.


All is not as it appears however.  There’s still work to be done on the second floor. 


Surrounded by family and friends, Krystal blew out her candles.  Then, a transformation took place.

Birthday Magic

While a friend tooted his party favor, a magical aura surrounded Krystal.  She felt a change coming on.  She felt different.  She felt older.  She felt…OLD!

Her blond hair seemed to become gray before her eyes.  Wrinkles seemed to pop up where none had been before.  Krystal’s body seemed to droop and sag in places that had never done either before.

While Krystal enjoyed her birthday, there seemed to be something bothering her.  Knowing that she was now in the last Krystalstages of her life, she found herself looking back on her previous days, regretting taking the easy way out in fulfilling her lifetime wish.  The desire was still there to hone her skills in music and charisma.

She looked ahead, wondering, would she live to see all of her chilren grow up?  Krystal had started her family late in her adult life.  Had she done the right thing?

Holding her oldest, Krystal knew in her heart that having her children had been right.  She knew she would need to make each day with them count.



1. kukees - July 24, 2009

My Sim’s teenage kid had to live on his own after both his parents died of old age… quite depressing 😦

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