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Fire! June 28, 2009

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Fire 1Just after the guests leave Shai Ning’s party, Krystal and Ian put the kids down for the night.  All the babysitters had been party guests, so they too have left the house.  It’s fairly quiet, and Krystal decides to grab a snack before going to bed.

 When she enters the kitchen though, Krystal is shocked to find flames coming from her stove!

Krystal screams for Ian to call the fire department.  Ian quickly dials 911, and is told that help is on the way.

Fire 2Krystal is in a panic, and Ian comes into the kitchen to see what is wrong.  Once he sees the flames, he panics as well!

Neither of them can think to do anything to get their children out of the house in this emegency.  Even though I scream at them to run, they run out of the house for a moment, and then run right back into harm’s way.

When the firefighter arrives, he finds them both standing around in the burning kitchen.  “What in blazes do you think you’re doing in here?!?  GET OUT!” he shouts, and eventually, both run out of the house at last (still leaving their children behind).Fire 3

Fire 4Once Krystal and Ian leave the kitchen, the firefighter goes to work on the blaze.

While it looks touch and go for a moment, the firefighter extinguishes the blaze before it goes beyond the kitchen.

When assessing the damage, Krystal shakes her head and says, “I just don’t understand why the smoke alarm didn’t go off.”

The firefighter looks around.  “Smoke alarm…what smoke alarm?” he says, looking confused.

Krystal looks around the kitchen.  Where the smoke alarm had been is a blank space.  Someone must have taken it.  She cannot imagine why.



1. Mosim - August 7, 2009

LOL it was probably that klepto babysitter!

2. celara - August 8, 2009

My only question I had at that point was whether or not there was more than one klepto babysitter in the bunch. It’s a mystery….

3. catherinesims3 - October 21, 2009

Hi, there, I’ve been spending a bit of time catching up. A babysitter stole the smoke alarm? Seriously? I am going to purchase a spare for the DeCasims immediately!

I’m looking forward to continuing my reading later. It’s nice to find a wholesome, sweet Sims family like the Starrs.

(Still can’t believe you had the guts to keep playing after having that many small children in the house at once!) LOL.

4. celara - October 25, 2009

Well, that’s the best guess I have as to what happened. I had one installed and it did not go off and was not there when the fire occurred. The alarms are almost a given in just about every house I build.

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