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The Fruit of Life July 31, 2009

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Krystal Eats a Life FruitOn one of her many walks, Krystal had discovered a seed that she had never seen before.  Many times before, she had planted seeds found on walks and had been able to grow new vegetables in her garden.

After days of tending the new plant, Krystal was surprised to see something she had never encountered before.  It looked a lot like a pear, but its golden skin almost seemed to glow, and it was so bright it almost looked like it had a halo hovering over it.



Athletics and Activities July 31, 2009

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Getting in Gear

Rai Sing has had the athletic trait since he was a baby.  However, up to now, other than the occasional game of tag with a sibling or a swim now and then, he hasn’t really showed much interest in developing the trait.  A somewhat chunky child, he has become a husky teen, and Rai seems to have decided that it’s time to work to develop his altheticism before he carries that larger build over to his adult years.

Flipping over to a channel that is devoted to fitness, Rai finds a cardio workout going, and begins following along.


Forgotten Again July 28, 2009

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The same afternoon of Shai Ning’s chess match, Rai Sing sat down to lunch with Fah Ling. 

PB for Lunch

Krystal had made Rai’s favorite, peanut butter sandwiches.  He clapped his hands for joy before he enjoyed every morsel.  It made it seem like a special day.


A Chess…Match? July 28, 2009

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Shai Ning decided the morning after the fire, it was time to start working on his lifetime wish, and invited over a ranked chess player to challenge.

Sandi and Shai Play Chess

He was a bit surprised when a young lady by the name of Sandi French showed up.  Before too long though, the match began, and Shai Ning was studying the board, thinking out his next game move.

Chess 1

 Chess 2

Chess 3


It was hard to tell sometimes whether Shai’s mind was more on the game… 

Checking Out the Competition?

or if he was more interested in “checking out” his competition.

Soon, Shai Ning called out “Checkmate”, announcing the defeat of his opponent.

Sore Loser?

Sandi did not seem to take this turn of events well.

Shai Ning was a gracious victor though, and he invited Sandi to come inside the house.

Shai and Sandy

For a moment, he stood there, not knowing quite what to say.



Sandi decided to share a juicy piece of gossip, and they began to chat.  Shai found out that Sandi is a party animal, and that she is also rich.  He asked about her job, and found out that she is a Shopping Music DJ. 

Suddenly Shai

Before he could ask more about her, Ian approached, wanting to join in the conversation.  At that point, Shai suddenly became shy.  Sandi acknowledged Ian, and then excused herself, saying it was time for her to leave.

Within a few days, Shai Ning decided to look for a job.  Perhaps it was coincidence, but he wound up working at the local grocery as a produce quality assessor.

Smokin’! July 26, 2009

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Ian Recoils

Ian closes his eyes as he recoils.  Is it the smoke that causes him to grimace, or the overwhelming cloud caused by the two fire extinguishers?

Blast from the Extinguisher

With another blast from the Tamara’s extinguisher, it appeared that the flames might be dying just a bit.

Angelique Readies her Extinguisher

Angelique moves to a better vantage point and readies her extinguisher for another blast.

Fire Fighting??

The fire fighter (if you can call him that) pauses, seemingly having to make a decision:  do his job and go out and fight the fire, or stay inside and grab a slice of birthday cake.  That frosting certainly looks tempting to him, since while he takes a few seconds to debate his choice…

Smoky Remains

Tamara and Angelique’s combined efforts finally extinguish the fire, leaving the grill a smoking, dirty mess.


As the smoke dissipated, the crowd took in the sight of the devastated grill.  Krystal decided some music might quiet the nerves of her guests, and she pulled out her guitar.

Fire Fighter Finally Gets to the Patio

As Krystal is playing, the firefighter finally arrives on the patio.  He looks around, and sees a rather dirty, smoky grill, a bunch of people milling around listening to a guitar playing older woman.  What he doesn’t see is a fire.


Rather than being relieved that no one was hurt, or that the damage wasn’t so severe, the fire fighter seems upset.  He yells at Krystal, lecturing her to be more careful in the future.

Fire Fighter

After venting, the fire fighter paused a moment, listening to Krystal’s music.

Working Hard or Hardly Working?

Your Tax Simoleons Hard at Work (Yeah, Right....)

After a moment, he stretches, and then leaves.  As if on cue, many of the guests also make their exits, all raving about what a great time they had.

First Day at Work Over

Totally oblivious of what has been happening at home, Fah Ling heads for home after his first day at work.  He’s a bit tired and a little hungry, but overall he’s had a good day.

Shai Ning's Room

As Fah before him, Shai remodeled his room.  He really didn’t do much.  He decided that the wall paper was a bit too childish and went for a pattern in yellow that he felt was more “mature”.

Teen Shai Ning

A slight change in his hair style, and a change to his favorite color for his shirt, and Shai was ready for this next stage in his life.

Fire Fighting July 26, 2009

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Fire Still Rages

As the fire fighter made his way into the house, the fire was still raging on.  Despite the distress this was causing among some of the guests on the patio, most everyone still seemed to be having a good time!

Fire Extinguisher

All of a sudden, the whoosh of a fire extinguisher was heard as it blasted toward the blaze.  It wasn’t the fire fighter doing his job though.

Tamara Donner

Tamara Donner, long time friend of Krystal, decided that enough was enough.  She bravely started to fight the fire herself.  Rai Sing, though brave, was still a child, and was clearly upset by the fire in his own home.


Arms out as if in supplication, Krystal seemed to be also wondering why this was happening.  Fear clearly showed on her face.

Ian is Fearful

Ian was also afraid.  He was standing very close to the grill, and when the flames flared up, they came extremely close to him.  He seemed almost mesmerized, too scared to move to a safer place.

Leigh and Ian

Out of the corner of his eye, Ian caught a glimpse of Leigh.  She was equally frightened, however, she had been able to move herself back away from the flames and out of harm’s way.

Making His Way to the Blaze

The fire fighter was almost through the living room and on his way to the dining room, the only room allowing access to the patio.  Shai Ning, seemingly oblivious to the danger outside, had grabbed a piece of his cake and was eating it near the archway leading to the kitchen.


Perhaps it was starting to dawn on Krystal that there was more to lose here than just her grill or her home.  Several of her friends and family were standing right next to that grill.  A large spark or flare up could leave one of them injured…or worse.

More Go to the Patio

The smell and the sounds coming from the patio drew more people outside as moths to a flame.

Another Brave Soul

Though Tamara had been battling the fire, it didn’t show any signs of dying down.  Another brave soul emerged from the crowd, extinguisher in hand, to help battle the blaze.

Angelique and Tamara

It was Angelique Finley.  once teenage babysitter, now grown woman.  She glanced at Tamara as they worked together to battle the inferno that had grown out of the smouldering grill.

As the grill continued to burn, Wii Shing and Bree Li’ant had moved in closer to see what was going on.

Krystal Fears for her Girls

As another flare up occurred, the girls were clearly frightened.  Krystal was fearful for her girl’s safety and she urged them to move back.

Fire Fighter Fights His Way Through the Dining Room

Meanwhile, the fire fighter had just gotten partway into the dining room, still nowhere near the fire.

Burnin’ Down the House? July 24, 2009

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I smell smoke

Within moments, more and more of the party guests were smelling smoke.  Rai Sing went out on the patio to look.

“Fire!” he shouted, “The grill’s on fire!”

Rai and Leigh

As Krystal called 911, Rai Sing stood, staring at the blazing grill.  Former babysitter Leigh Withers stood there, also staring.  Ian ran out to the patio to see exactly what was going on.

Krystal runs to the patio

Krystal was told that the Fire Department was on the way.  She also ran out to patio just as the flames leapt higher.  Rai and Leigh raised their arms to try and ward off the growing blaze.

Another former babysitter comes outside

Another former babysitter, whose name escaped Krystal and Ian in the excitement, also rushed out to see what was going on.  The fire seemed to become the big entertainment draw of the evening.

In the distance, the sound of a fire siren could be heard.

Arrival of the fire truck

Within seconds, the fire truck pulled up to the Starr’s house.

Flare Up

More and more party guests and family members were gathering on the patio.  Another flare up caused several to shriek and recoil from the flames as they shot up.

As Krystal cringed, she worried.  Could the flames shoot over to the house and burn it to the ground?  Would she and Ian lose their home?  Would the fire fighter arrive in time to prevent the worst from happening?

Dash for the Door

As if in answer to her unspoken question, the fire fighter made his dash for the door….

Birthday Blow Out July 23, 2009

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Fah Ling's Job

It was Fah Ling’s first day on the job, and he was excited.  As he arrived, he took a moment to take in his surroundings.  The cemetery was quiet, secluded…and somewhat creepy.  Fah liked the solitude, but he felt as if a presence was in the graveyard with him, and it made him a little uncomfortable.

Don't Be Late

But, no time to worry about that now.  Mustn’t be late!  Time to go to work!

Making a Wish

Meanwhile, back at the Starr house, guests had gathered for Shai Ning’s teen birthday.  Krystal had decided to have the party at home this time to grill for the guests.  She thought perhaps a few of them might also like to use the pool.

The candles had already been lit on the cake, and Shai was trying to make up his mind what to wish for.

He took a deep breath, and blew out the candles.


Noise Makers

Party goers got out their noise makers.  Family, and even Shai Ning joined in, whooping it up!


Billy Alto was there enjoying the party.  While he was happy for Shai, he wished that he would grow up already so they could eat cake!












As if in answer to Billy’s unspoken wish, the glow of a growth spurt came upon Shai Ning…











and he disappeared!

There was a momentary flash of fear in Krystal’s mind.  She had already had one child disappear once.  Could it be happening again?

Her fears were short lived, however.


Krystal clapped for joy, as Shai Ning emerged from the flash of brilliant light.  He grew and changed into…

Long Neck Teen

…a giraffe???

Fortunately, this change wasn’t permanent.  Shai finally finished growing…












Shai Ning Teen

…and took on his teen form!  Krystal thanked her lucky stars that her boy had grown up so well!  She also saw one of her wishes fulfilled when she realized that Shai was a genius.

The party was going strong; it was a real blow out!  However, there was something in the air that just didn’t seem (or was that smell?) right….

Kitchen Stove

In the kitchen, the room adjoining where the party was going on, all appeared well.  There were no stinking dishes piling up, nothing on the stove, and the smoke alarm was where it should be…on the wall.




Smoking Grill

Outside, however, far from the smoke alarm, trouble was brewing.  Krystal had been so interested in seeing Shai Ning blow out his candles and grow to be a teen, that she had forgotten about the fact that she had put another set of hot dogs on the grill!




Grill Fire

Within moments, the grill burst into flames!

Logical Pursuits July 22, 2009

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When Elle had a desire for a chess set a while back, Ian and Krystal had bought one. Now, a few of the other children wanted a telescope.  Ian and Krystal, encouraged by how Elle had started to develop her logic skills, decided to get a telescope to give a second way to develop logical pursuits.

Elle Playing Chess

Elle was perfectly fine with the chess set.  She would play for hours, sometimes going without a bath or shower until she worked out a particular chess problem.

Krystal and Elle playing Chess

Elle had tried inviting a ranked player over to start her way up the Chess ladder, but for some reason, they wouldn’t play her.  Perhaps they were afraid of losing to a mere child.  She decided to content herself with playing family members, and usually beat the pants off them.

Shai Ning Plays Chess

Elle wasn’t the only one that liked chess.  Shai Ning also played.  In fact, like his sister Magique Elle, Shai had the lifetime wish to be a Chess Legend.  Unlike Elle, Shai wouldn’t play forever.

Frustrated Shai

In fact, sometimes a chess problem could leave Shai quite frustrated, and he’d need to get away to do something else.

Shai with Telescope

At least now with the new telescope, Shai had a way to develop his logic skill without always having to play Chess.  He actually discovered a star one night!

Wii with Telescope

Wii didn’t seem to care much for Chess, but she did enjoy the telescope.  While she had yet to discover any heavenly bodies, she did enjoy stargazing.

Fah Homework

Of course, not everyone has the inclination or the time to play chess or stare into space through the tube of a telescope.  Now a teen, Fah Ling was busy trying to keep up with school work and trying to find a part time job.  It was hard enough to find a job that interested him.  Most of the job also were ones that dealt with people…lots and lots of them.  The grocery, the book store, the spa; they all meant that he’d have to be around people all day.

Then, when checking out jobs on the computer later that night, he saw an ad for a job at the cemetery.  No people there (at least not live ones); it was an evening shift, but early enough for him to get home in plenty of time to finish homework and catch some z’s before school the next day.  He applied and got the job!

Fah realized that when he was told his start date, that it was the same day as Shai Ning’s next birthday.  At first, he thought about asking them to start another day, but when he started thinking about the amount of people his Mom normally invited to those parties, he decided that missing Shai’s party might not be such a bad thing after all.

Birthday in the Park July 21, 2009

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Fah Ling was about to become a teenager, and Krystal thought it might be nice to throw a party outside of the house for a change.  Since she always liked going to the park, she thought the park might be a nice place to have the party.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 1However, Krystal invited a lot of people to the party, and while everyone was up at the picnic tables eating, Fah wandered down to where his cake was waiting.  He really wasn’t into having a whole bunch of people around him.






Fah Ling Teen Bday 2

Since no one was around, he decided that maybe now would be a good time to light his candles and celebrate his birthday…alone.  However, Shai Ning spotted him, and decided to join in.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 3

Once they heard Shai toot his horn, others saw what was going on, and started to head down to join them.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 4

Friends and family were starting to get closer…would he blow out the candles before they all got there?

Fah Ling Teen Bday5





It looks like he made it.  The candles are out, and no one got too close.




Fah Ling Bday 6

More people were starting to gather, but by this time, Fah Ling was so excited about his birthday that he didn’t seem to care about anything but celebrating!

Fah Ling Teen Bday 7Fah was very excited when he felt his growth spurt coming on.  He knew he was growing up.  He was excited to become a teenager.  He couldn’t wait to be…

Fah Ling Bday 8








…his Dad?!?

With his light hair and heavier build, Fah looked a lot like Ian.  Fah Ling knew when he got home that night, he was going to need to update his look…

Fah Ling Teen Bday 9

…but, until then, it was time for cake!

When Fah got home that night, he not only updated his look, he got to remodel his room as well.






Teen Fah Ling

Fah didn’t change much to his look other than his hair and the color of his clothes.  Since black is his favorite color, he chose to go to black pants and a black leather jacket.

FL Room Remodel

Fah Ling was allowed to have a room of his own.  The room he shared with Shai Ning was split in two.  Fah decorated his black.  He had two windows in his room, as well as wall sconces.  Even at night, the dark room could be fairly brightly lit.