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A Busy Nursery July 5, 2009

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RS Walk1With five toddlers now taking over the nursery, it was the busiest place in the house.  Potty training was an on going activity, since now, three girls had to be taught how to use the potty chair.  Also, with Rai Sing already potty trained and talking, getting him walking became the new priority. 

Ian one day decided to take Rai Sing outside to practice walking.  Rai Sing seemed to love it out in the sun.  He worked hard at it, and soon had mastered walking.

Nursery 1

When in the nursery, Rai would often gravitate toward the blocks.  The red rocket, which Rai had played with once or twice had several people that played with it.  The doll house too had several visitors.

Nursery 2

Also new to the nusery was Bridgette Wilkes.  Bridgette came one day when one of the regular baby sitters couldn’t make it.  Krystal liked her charismatic and family-oriented nature, and while she didn’t like the fact that she was a slob, she tolerated it because she was so good with the kids.

Nursery 3

Krystal enjoyed being in the nursery with her children.  She loved watching them, and she even would read to them from time to time.  She hoped all of them would grow up well.



1. Danieka - July 15, 2009

shame that’s a lot of toddlers!!

katiegirl1996 - August 5, 2009

the pictures are overlapping! i can’t see what’s going on and it looks kinda messy that way 😦

2. Luna - July 23, 2009

Your pictures overlap each other in a few blogs, you might want to check into that. I can’t see what’s happening! :O

celara - July 23, 2009

On my side, I see no overlap, but I will see what I can do. Can I ask what your screen resolution is Luna? I may want to see what it looks like if I put mine to the same.

meezletoe - August 1, 2009

Its fine for me too. 😮

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