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Toddlers Times Five July 5, 2009

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SN toyThe day starts pretty much like any ordinary day.  Shai Ning is up and playing with one of the toys in the nursery.

RS Talking

Ian is in the nursery too, teaching Rai Sing how to talk.  From the looks of it, he may be teaching him his last name.

Triplet toddler Party

Outside, Krystal is busy working in the garden, and taking a moment to decorate.  The triplets are becomming toddlers today!

Cyriaque and Ian

Cyriaque is helping watch the girls as the party preparations are under way.  Ian takes a moment to speak to him.  He lets Cyriaque know he is invited to the party as well, and hopes he’ll stay for cake…a lot of cake.  Krystal bought a cake for each girl.

WS tod Bday 1                        



Wii Shing is the first to get her cake, and Krystal helps her blow out the candles as the party goers look on.

Ian with Horn 



Ian excitedly toots his horn for his baby girl.  Krystal sets her down on the ground, and before their eyes…

WS tod bday 2            




Wii Shing becomes a toddler! 




Bree tod b day 1

As the guests take slices of Wii Shing’s cake, Krystal brings Bree Li’ant out to her cake.  As before, the candle is blown out, and within moments…

BL tod bday 2

Bree Li’ant is an infant no more!

ME tod bday 1 







With afternoon waning, Krystal brings Magique Elle out to her cake.  For the third time that day, a song is sung, horns and noisemakers blare, and an infant transforms to a toddler.

ME tod bday 2It is a great party, but a long one!  With the last cake cut, the guests start leaving.  Krystal and Ian look over at their three young ladies.  Krystal smiles and there is a tear in her eye.  Perhaps is a tear of happiness for her girls making it past this milestone in their lives.  Perhaps it is a tear of sadness that her youngest is still missing and she may never have a birthday for him.  She can only hope that one day, he will return to her.  For now, hope is all she has.



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