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Conversing with Magique Elle July 8, 2009

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ME 1

One day, Magique Elle (Elle for short) was playing with the doll house (and chewing on the dolls) when Krystal came in to teach her to talk.  Their conversation went like this:

ME 2

 ME 3

ME 4

Hmmm…film, a disco ball, and paints.  Are we conversing about the arts, perhaps?

ME 5

Photography now…do we see the artistic trait being born here? (It is not a trait she currently has.)

ME 6

Jewelcrafting, perhaps?  Or is Mommy telling Elle what a little gem she’s been today?  Bree listens in.

ME 7

Awww…it looks like all this talking has left both Krystal and Elle worn out.  Bree however seems to be expressing some jealousy toward Elle since she’s had Mom’s attention for so long.

Like Bree, Elle is also walking, talking, and potty trained.  She’s all ready for her next birthday.

ME 8

One last word to learn before bed; perhaps the most important of all…love!



1. SweetDalilah - July 23, 2009

Oh, How sweet!!

2. meezletoe - August 1, 2009

She’s a genius! And she’s cute.
Lovin’ this story!! 🙂

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