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A Wish Fulfilled and a Rai Sing Child July 12, 2009

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It is the morning of Rai Sing’s birthday, and Ian went to work like any other day.  While he could have retired days ago, he had decided to keep his job until he could fulfill his lifetime wish by making to the top of his career.

Ian Wish

Today was the day Ian got his wish.

Ian walked out of work that day, top in his job field.  He went home, promptly called work, and put in for retirement.  It was time to enjoy himself and spend more time with his family.

That night, folks gathered at the Starrs for Rai’s birthday.  Knowing they had forgotten his last one, Krystal and Ian made sure this time, their now youngest son would get his share of cake.


RS Child Bday 1

Krystal got out her guitar, and played for the guests.  Rai was sleeping in his crib, and before long, Krystal woke him to take him to his cake.

RS Child BDay 2

This time though, Ian decided to do the honors, and he scooped up his boy to take him to blow out the candles.

RS Child Bday 3

Setting Rai down, the change came quickly…

RS Child Bday 4








RS Child Bday 5



and Rai Sing rose up to be a child.

Rai had been born being athletic and with a love of the outdoors.  On this birthday, he gained the brave trait.  Who knows when that trait might come in handy?



1. Danieka - July 15, 2009

It so interesting to see them all getting their traits and kinda forming personalities!! I love this!!

2. kukees - July 24, 2009

so did you choose these traits for the kids?

celara - July 24, 2009

I chose all the traits for the children as infants, as Krystal had very good pregnancies every time. Most of the children got one trait from each parent, or one trait from one and then another that I chose. However, as the youngest, Fah Ling I gave some traits that I felt were “neutral” just to be different. To me, loner and heavy sleeper had aspects that could be positive and negative, but not really too much of either one.

When the boys became children, I had no idea that Fah Ling was going to wind up prematurely aging, so he was not ready to grow up well. As a result, he got hot-headed as a game selected trait.

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