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Shai Ning Child July 12, 2009

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SN Child BDay 1

Within a day or so, Shai Ning has family and friends gathered around him to celebrate another birthday.  Krystal brings him to the cake, and has him blow out the candles.

SN Child Bday 2







Krystal sets Shai down.  He dances around for a moment, and in a flash…

SN Child Bday 3


Shai gets a little bit older.

When Shai was born, he got one trait from each of his parents.  He got Ian’s excitable nature, and Krystal’s good side.  At this age, he gained the ambitious trait.

SN Child Bday 4

Shai Ning grabs a slice of his birthday cake.  Eventually, the party winds down and the guests go home.




FL HWSoon after the party ends, Fah Ling comes out of hiding.  Being a loner, he doesn’t like crowds of people milling about.  He takes advantage of the quiet in the house and does his homework,  grateful for the solitude.



1. meezletoe - August 1, 2009

That kid is seriously…different. WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM?! D’X

2. Mosim - August 8, 2009

A better question is How the heck did you manage to train all those toddlers?? Half the time I can’t even get one through all that.
And I am still stuck on WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THAT KID?? Guess that’s one mystery that’ll never be solved unless you just make it up.

celara - August 8, 2009

First off, you hire babysitters to come in even when you’re at home so you can take care of your other needs and find the time to train the toddlers.

Also, I play the game with a slightly longer than normal age progression so that I have time both for character development and for doing things like training a whole bunch of toddlers. Even then, it’s not easy, especially with so many toddlers at once.

And, of course, I didn’t train them all, at least not all the way. Fah and Wii both missed out on some of that important Mom and Dad interaction. I think the fact that Wii actually got a trait that is more positive may have something to do with the fact that she did get more attention than Fah.

As to what happened to him, I can explain what happened with the glitch in the game. As far as what would have happened to him as a character in his absence, I throw out a few possible solutions, but I leave it up to the reader’s imagination.

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