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Wii Shing to Fly??? July 14, 2009

Posted by P J Sabados in Uncategorized.


It was after school of a pretty normal day at the Starr house.  Shai and Fah were sitting at the table doing homework.

Wii 1

Wii is in the nursery playing with the red rocket.  This toy has been played with by all of the others, but this is the first time Wii has really discovered it.  She plays with it for quite some time.

Wii 2

Wii clearly loves the red rocket.  She hugs it to her, and later, she keeps it with her.  Red Rocket is hers.

Wii 3

Wii has been potty trained, but she has yet to learn to walk or talk.  Krystal decides this is a good time to begin her walking lessons and Wii starts to take her first steps.

For some reason though, Wii doesn’t seem to get the idea of flying with Red Rocket out of her mind.

Wii 4




Wii starts to walk forward.  Krystal holds out her arms to encourage her to walk forward when…


Wii 5

Wii Shing suddenly becomes airborne!

Krystal shrieks in surprise.  Her baby is flying!  How can this be?

Of course Wii is delighted.  This is way better than playing with Red Rocket!




Wii 6

Wii hovers in the air a few moments, and then gradually comes back to earth.  This happens throughout the night, but once Wii learns to walk on her own, her feet seem to stay planted on the ground for good…at least for now.




1. Danieka - July 15, 2009

okey kinda strange…

2. Kansine - July 15, 2009

Wow, what a cool glitch! 😀 Your story seems intresting! 🙂 Unfortunately I don’t have time to read any further right now, but I will come back here 🙂

katiegirl1996 - August 5, 2009

it’s not a glitch…krystal is simply tossing her child into the air …..all adult sims can do it to their off spring

celara - August 6, 2009

The glitch is not that Krystal is supposed to be tossing Wii into the air. the glitch is that she’s not touching her, giving her the illusion of levitation/flight.

Kansine - August 6, 2009

If you look at the next to last picture, you can very, very clearly see that she’s not tossing Wii in the air 😛

3. kansine - July 16, 2009

BTW, today that glitch happened to me too 😀

4. Alice and Kev Fan - July 22, 2009

LOL! Love it!

5. meezletoe - August 1, 2009

Krystal responded to the glitch?!
“That’s not right!!”

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