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The Girls Grow to be Kids July 15, 2009

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Girls bd 1While most of the time, Krystal liked to have birthday parties before dark, it had been a busy day, and so the party started after sunset.

One by one, the girls were to be brought to their cakes to blow out the candles.  Bree was the first, and she quickly grew into her childhood body.

Krystal looked at the sky.  She seemed worried that a storm might come in and spoil the festivities.

girls bd 2 Wii seemed to be taking her time as Ian set her down.

girls bd 3








Gradually though, the change came upon her…

girls bd 4

and she grew into her child form.

Ian and Krystal were a bit nervous.  They realized that Wii had never mastered talking!  They worried how it might affect her.  After all, Fah had been without their attention for quite some time, and he had become a hot head, getting angry over sometimes trivial matters.

For the moment though, Wii seemed to be fine.  Perhaps their concern was unwarranted.  Only time would tell.

girls bd 5



Meanwhile, Elle impatiently waited for her turn.  Before she could even get to her cake, she grew up.

There were no more kids in daipers in the house.  It was time to do some renovation while the family slept.



update 1

The toy chest and doll house were moved upstairs for the kids.  A block table was added for additional play opportunities.

The old couch and TV were taken to the second floor as well, and a newer TV and couch were installed downstairs.  Shai had wished to paint, and an easel was placed in the room he shared with Fah.

update 2

Gone were all the cribs, the baby toys, and even the teddy bear that had sat, unloved day after day by the Starr infants.  The old nursery was converted into a dining room, with seating for the entire family.  The old dining room was converted into a home office, with Ian’s older computer joined by a newer model.

In the kitchen, a toy stove joined the real one.  Perhaps one of the children would develop a passion for making food.

It appeared a leak had sprung during the night.  Someone was going to have a mess to clean when they woke up.



1. Danieka - July 15, 2009

So cool! What are the 3 girls traits, they got from their parents and the new ones? I’m so curious!

2. Michelle - July 15, 2009

This is great!
I found a link to it on a comment you left on Alice and Kev, and I like it a lot.

Keep updating! 😀

3. Samantha - July 15, 2009

i found a link to here from the Alice and Kev story. While I was worried about following a link to a story from there (nothing else has seemed to satify my story needs) I’m not disappointed. You’re story is different and I must admit I do compare, but its enjoyable. Keep up the good work, I’ll be continuing to read it.

I like how you added the glitches to the game…like the baby being taken by the babysitter and then the flying. I also like your creativity with the names. I didn’t really noticed how you came up with them until Wii Shing To Fly….I noticed you had wishing starr. So then I looked at all the other kids names…Shai Ning (Shining starr), Rai Sing (Raising starr), Bree Li’ant (brilliant starr), Magique Elle (magical starr), and Fah Ling (falling starr). I’m rather impressed (not sure if more so with myself though for figuring it out)…bree and elle stumped me for a minute. At first I thought you were just having fun with asian type names using ning, ling, and sing.

Becca - July 16, 2009

Oh wow! That’s clever! Clever of Celara to think of it and you for figuring it out. 🙂

I’m really loving this blog 🙂 Keep up the GREAT work Celara! I am so looking forward to the next part.

meezletoe - August 1, 2009

Bree stumped me too. XD Then I read it together+the way it was spelled out.
I am also impressed with how you made the glitches make the story better. I thought about it, and that’s sort of like real life. Glitches happen that you can’t explain (but there is a reason – in this case, something in the programming I guess XD).
That’s really cool! 😀
The names are really creative as well.

4. kansine - July 15, 2009

This is a very good story, I hope you keep on writing it 🙂

5. celara - July 16, 2009

Thank you all so much for your comments!

I usually update two or three times a week. I think now that RoBurky has decided to update only three times a week for http://aliceandkev.wordpress.com, that I may try to update mine on his off days (I tend to post more on the weekends anyway).

As to the girl’s traits to date:

Bree: Birth – Friendly, Neurotic
Child – Neat

Elle: Birth – Excitable, Genius
Child – Bookworm

Wii: Birth – Brave, Easily Impressed
Child – Bookworm

I wasn’t able to pick Wii’s trait as a child, so I didn’t know what she would get. In a way, I was thankful that she didn’t get a really negative trait. However, had I been able to choose at that point, I might have picked something like athletic (she looks like a tomboy to me at this age).

The glitches in the game have made for some interesting twists. Fah Ling’s disappearance was caused by a glitch, and it was in fixing it that I was able to bring about his “mysterious return.” And of course, him coming back as a toddler and not an infant led to the next glitch (the premature aging). I actually look forward to the curves these glitches throw in because it always makes it interesting from a writer’s perspective to work them into the story.

Yeah, the names sound Asian, which just happened because so many of the names ended in -ing. It was definitely planned on my part to have the names play off the last name Starr. Ian (who was not a created character, but an NPC) didn’t seem to fit, until I remembered that in Shakespearian English, E’en (which is pronounced the same as Ian) was an accepted form of the word “evening”. I had considered calling one of the girls ‘Eve Ning” but I was also getting tired of all the sing song names. 😛

But who am I to talk? My mom’s side of our RW family were from Kentucky, and they all have those hillbilly sounding names.

“Billie Sue, Etta Faye, Stevie Ray, and Doris.”

Well, actually, it’s Doris Ann, but either way, she sounds a bit out of place. 😉 And Stevie might sound like a girl’s name, but that was my uncle, and it was his legal name. We called him Steve, but on his driver’s license and all his legal papers, it was Stevie.

6. Danieka - July 16, 2009

Funny haha!! That’s great! Wow you really put a lot of effort into this story, thank you!

7. Krystle - July 17, 2009

This is fantastic!

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