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Homework July 18, 2009

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Of course, now that all the Starr children are out of diapers, that means that they are all old enough to attend school.  And, after school, that means homework.

Homework 1

Most days, the children will come home straight from school and start in on their homework right away.  Of course, some will dawdle on the way home and visit the school playground instead of buckling down to schoolwork.  Bree and Wii are playing on the slides while the rest are getting their homework done.

Homework 2

Some days, a child will do his homework before he even takes care of other needs.


Some days though, other needs take precedence.  A kid’s gotta eat sometime, and it’s easier to think on a full stomach.

One day, Shai Ning was invited over to Cheri McIrish’s house after school.  I expected that he would be watching TV or perhaps playing a game.





Homework 4

Instead, he wound up doing homework with her.  Perhaps this is because of Shai’s ambitious nature.  He, like many of his brothers and sisters, wants to make the honor roll.

Bree Homework

However, not every day is a good day for homework.  Bree came home one day, badly in need to talk to someone.  All her other siblings ran off to do their homework.  Mom and Dad were busy.  Bree called Leigh, one of her babysitters, and expressed her frustrations that day.



1. celara - July 19, 2009

Sorry for the delay in posting…I had a bad case of writer’s block the other day, and looking at the pictures just wasn’t helping (there is such a thing as having too many pictures to choose from). I do plan on posting multiple chapters this weekend though to make up for it.

2. kansine - July 19, 2009

So many chapters! Wow, thanks! It feels like I just checked this blog a minute ago, and there were no new posts, but now all of a sudden there are several 😀 (By the way I know the feeling, when there are too many pictures and you still don’t know what to say XP)

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