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Ice Cream for Dinner July 19, 2009

Posted by P J Sabados in Uncategorized.

Dinner with Billie

Krystal enjoys making dinner for her family, especially when company is over.  When Billie Alto came over one day after school, Krystal made a very nice meal for all the children.


Since on many days, not all the family eats together at once, Krystal makes sure that she saves the leftovers so that the children can get a good meal any time they want.  However, just because it’s available doesn’t mean that’s what they want to eat.

Fah with Ice CreamIce cream in particular seems to be a favorite choice for all the children when there is no grownup around to tell them any differently.

Shai with Ice Cream







Most of the time, they cover their tracks, making sure that any evidence of their cool, sweet dinner is put out in the trash before Mom and Dad see it.

Krystal with Rai and Elle

One night, Shai was on the patio eating a muffin he had baked himself.  Elle came out with her ice cream.  Krystal then came out with her dinner of leftovers.

The children were worried that Krystal might be upset with Elle and lecture them both about good eating habits, but she ate her dinner with them as if there was nothing out of the ordinary with eating ice cream for dinner.  The three of them talked and had a very nice time.



1. Samantha - July 19, 2009

I really enjoy how you comment on what is going on, but it doesn’t seem to be free will that controls the story (not a bas thing) its nice to read the different styles everyone has created.

good luck with your writers block

2. celara - July 19, 2009

Part of my writer’s block issue was that I had several days worth of photos in the same folder, and some of the newer pictures had somehow gotten lower numbers than the older ones, making it more difficult to go in chronological order. I had to go back in and really sort through them to get the order right, though in this part of the story, some of the pictures may have happened over days rather than in the same day (I don’t recall a day where Shai and Fah both ate ice cream, for example). It took a couple days to sort through the pictures I wanted to use, and then to put them in the best possible order to tell the story.

I’ve solved the problem now by moving pictures taken in a gaming session into a dated folder. It will help me keep things going in the correct time line.

I admit to exercising some control over the actions. I mainly do so for wish fulfillment, needs fulfillment, and lifetime achievement fulfillment. However, free will is set high, and I don’t control every minute of the character’s lives. I have never had a character eat ice cream, for example. That was totally the idea of the children.

3. kansine - July 19, 2009

I think it’s good that you control them a bit, the story would get boring if you just let them do their own will. Sooner or later they would start to repeat their routines over and over again…
By the way, the children are so cute!!! 😀 It’s cute when they have dark skin and blonde hair, for instance 😀

Samantha - July 19, 2009

I totally agree about the free will, it could take too long for a story to build from it. With controling the story and allowing free will to take place it could add some pretty interesting twists to the story (for example the ice cream), love the work.

(ps I am only reinforcing what i think to be the idea of the authur not trying to criticize…sorry if it comes across that way)

4. celara - July 19, 2009

I didn’t take it as a criticism; I took it as an observation (and a pretty accurate one at that). 🙂

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