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Spare Time July 19, 2009

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Not every day is a school day, and there’s plenty of time for activity in the Starr house.


The yellow car makes an occasional appearance.  Shai still likes to play with it, and still keeps it with him always.  While Wii still has Red Rocket, she’s never played with it at this age.

SN Blocks







While Shai had asked for an easel, he doesn’t normally wish to paint.  He often can be found with the blocks though, building cities and houses.  Perhaps he has the ambition to become an architect one day?

Fah Book

Many of the children enjoy reading or studying to improve their skills.  Fah one day expressed a desire to learn more about handiness, and when he found a book on the subject in their bookshelf, he went up to his room to read it in solitude.

True to his loner nature, Fah tends to stay to himself when it comes to spare time activities.  If someone joins him, it’s OK, but if the room gets too busy, then he’s likely to retreat.

More than likely, Fah will be in one room enjoying one thing, while one of his siblings enjoys something else in an adjoining room.

Fah and Elle

While Fah tends to prefer non-active pursuits (even though he’s not a couch potato by nature), Elle prefers to be a bit more hands on.  She, like her brother Shai, loves to build things.

Elle Chess

Another activity Elle enjoys is Chess.  In fact, her love of the game led to the first Lifetime Wish expressed by any of the children: to be a Chess Legend.

Rai Computer

The computer holds a certain amount of fascination for the Starr children.  Rai in particular can often be found playing computer games.

Wii Computer

Wii can sometimes be found playing too, however, she seems to get a little upset if she’s not doing well.

Bree Cleaning

Of the siblings, it’s been hardest to catch Bree in her spare time activities.  Perhaps she’s being a little camera shy.  However, since she’s neat, she actually has fun cleaning around the house.  She enjoys doing dishes and making beds.

Krystal and Ian have the most spare time of anyone in the house, since both are retired and have plenty of time on their hands.

Ian TV




Ian enjoys watching TV from time to time.  He seems to like spooky movies, but sometimes I think they play into his neurotic nature.  He’s been known to check stoves and sinks soon after watching a movie that makes him uneasy.



Ian the Fixer

Ian likes to keep things ship shape around the house.  As soon as something breaks, he has the desire to repair it.  Ian is a good repairman, and it usually doesn’t take him long to get things back in working order.

Ian Writing

Ian had an important reason for fixing the laptop.  His biggest spare time activity is writing.  He started writing when he entered his career in journalism, and he found writing in his spare time offerred him a chance to improve his skill and to bring in a little extra money to the household.  He is now the author of several books, and specializes in Science Fiction.  He loves to have Krystal in the room with him, and sometimes, when he’s writing, she engages in one of her favorite activities as well.

Krystal Paper

Krystal enjoys the newspaper.  She keeps up on all news and town events.  Of course, as she ages, she sometimes sees the obituary of a good friend, which saddens her.  From time to time though, there will be a birth announcement, which makes her very happy, especially when the new addition is part of a friend’s family.

Krystal Coupon

Krystal has a frugal nature, and she loves to clip coupons.  Even if she doesn’t wind up using them, she just enjoys cutting them out.

Krystal Guitar 1

Krystal loves to play her guitar, too.  However, from time to time, she chooses to play it in some inopportune moments.

Krystal Guitar 2

On this night, she decided to play in Rai Sing’s room just as he was starting to go to bed.  Rai woke up, and was really upset.







Krystal Garden

Krystal’s biggest interest though is her garden.  It has grown from just a few plants and trees to a yard full of beautiful plants.  She sometimes goes out and finds rare seeds and plants and brings them back to plant in her own yard.



1. kansine - July 19, 2009

I love this! You really have worked hard and observed each one of the family so carefully! Great job!

2. Becca - July 22, 2009

Ah! This has to be my favorite chapter in the whole run because it shows so much character development! Keep up the GREAT WORK 🙂

meezletoe - August 1, 2009

And it flows! I forgot that these were Sims for a second. XD

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