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The Back Yard July 19, 2009

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The Starrs had never really made use of their back yard.  In fact, they had never even had a back door.  Krystal and Ian decided to remodel the back yard to create a patio area where they could eat, entertain, and enjoy themselves.

BY 1

They chose a tile pattern for the flooring.  A brick fence gave them privacy.  A pool was installed.

BY 2

Tiki torches lit the entrance to the back yard patio.  There was a seating area, and a large grill was installed for outside cooking.

Rai Swimming

Rai Sing was the first one to check out the pool.  Being athletic and loving the outdoors, an outdoor pool was a great idea for him.

Elle SwimmingElle has also discovered the pool.  Being excitable, she was enthused about the new pool and had to check it out.

The only member of the Starr family that doesn’t seem to have much interest in the  new back yard is Ian.  He’ll look out at it, but he hasn’t gone out there yet.  In building an area that would be fun for the family, Ian had created a place that wouldn’t be much fun for him.  You see, Ian is hydrophobic.  While the family sees the pool as fun, he sees it and feels like it’s going to swallow him up.

However, it makes his family happy, and so there are no plans to get rid of the pool.  None of the children know he’s afraid of the water, and they just figure that he’s just not interested in the pool.  They don’t know that it is fear that keeps him away from it.



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