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Bathroom Troubles July 20, 2009

Posted by P J Sabados in Uncategorized.

Though the Starr home has two bathrooms, sometimes that just doesn’t seem to be quite enough for a household of eight.

Bathroom 1

On occasion, one person is just finishing in the bathroom, when another is coming in to use it.  If the need is not great, it could lead to a quick conversation.  However, if someone’s need is more pressing, they’ll shoo the other person out quickly.

Bathroom 2





However, not always does someone get shooed out in time.  Fah was in the bathroom when Wii came in to use it.  Her need was desparate, but for some reason, Fah Ling chose to dawdle.  Because Fah wouldn’t leave, and Wii wanted privacy, it became a standoff. 

Bathroom 3Eventually, the pressure became too much for poor Wii’s bladder, and a puddle formed at her feet.  She was very upset at what had happened, plus she didn’t like the mess or the smell one bit.

Embarrassment is usually the reaction of one of the Starrs when they either walk in on another member of the household, or they themselves are walked in on unexpectedly.  Rai Sing has found himself in that uncomfortable situation more than once, and he doesn’t like it at all.



In this case, not only did Rai get embarrassed, but the poor guy had to deal with a broken tub as well!



1. Danieka - July 20, 2009

haha!! so cute the poor thing!

2. kansine - July 21, 2009

Awww… Rai is so cute in the last picture! 😀 Poor little boy!

3. HAB - July 28, 2009

Rai is so CUTE! If he was real and it wasn’t illegal, I would steal him!

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