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Birthday in the Park July 21, 2009

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Fah Ling was about to become a teenager, and Krystal thought it might be nice to throw a party outside of the house for a change.  Since she always liked going to the park, she thought the park might be a nice place to have the party.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 1However, Krystal invited a lot of people to the party, and while everyone was up at the picnic tables eating, Fah wandered down to where his cake was waiting.  He really wasn’t into having a whole bunch of people around him.






Fah Ling Teen Bday 2

Since no one was around, he decided that maybe now would be a good time to light his candles and celebrate his birthday…alone.  However, Shai Ning spotted him, and decided to join in.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 3

Once they heard Shai toot his horn, others saw what was going on, and started to head down to join them.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 4

Friends and family were starting to get closer…would he blow out the candles before they all got there?

Fah Ling Teen Bday5





It looks like he made it.  The candles are out, and no one got too close.




Fah Ling Bday 6

More people were starting to gather, but by this time, Fah Ling was so excited about his birthday that he didn’t seem to care about anything but celebrating!

Fah Ling Teen Bday 7Fah was very excited when he felt his growth spurt coming on.  He knew he was growing up.  He was excited to become a teenager.  He couldn’t wait to be…

Fah Ling Bday 8








…his Dad?!?

With his light hair and heavier build, Fah looked a lot like Ian.  Fah Ling knew when he got home that night, he was going to need to update his look…

Fah Ling Teen Bday 9

…but, until then, it was time for cake!

When Fah got home that night, he not only updated his look, he got to remodel his room as well.






Teen Fah Ling

Fah didn’t change much to his look other than his hair and the color of his clothes.  Since black is his favorite color, he chose to go to black pants and a black leather jacket.

FL Room Remodel

Fah Ling was allowed to have a room of his own.  The room he shared with Shai Ning was split in two.  Fah decorated his black.  He had two windows in his room, as well as wall sconces.  Even at night, the dark room could be fairly brightly lit.



1. kansine - July 21, 2009

Por Fah, he just wants to be alone but never has the chance, with a such big family XD

2. Mannie - July 21, 2009

Ha! Once he grew up, I couldn’t tell which was Fah and which was Ian. I had to look at the previous picture again and figure out which clothes were on which person.

3. Becca - July 22, 2009

I like the kids’ rooms! Very simple but really nice. Color corresponding wall sconces are the best 😉

4. Samantha - July 22, 2009

“When Ian got home that night, he not only updated his look, he got to remodel his room as well.”

where it says Ian shouldn’t it say Fah?

celara - July 23, 2009

Yes, it should have. Ian and Fah Ling look so alike in that one picture, even I got confused! 😉

It’s fixed now…thanks for the edit!

5. Bridget - August 4, 2009

How do you change the hair? I really need to change some of my sims.

celara - August 5, 2009

Go to a mirror and select “Change Appearance.” You’ll then be able to update your Sim’s look.

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