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Logical Pursuits July 22, 2009

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When Elle had a desire for a chess set a while back, Ian and Krystal had bought one. Now, a few of the other children wanted a telescope.  Ian and Krystal, encouraged by how Elle had started to develop her logic skills, decided to get a telescope to give a second way to develop logical pursuits.

Elle Playing Chess

Elle was perfectly fine with the chess set.  She would play for hours, sometimes going without a bath or shower until she worked out a particular chess problem.

Krystal and Elle playing Chess

Elle had tried inviting a ranked player over to start her way up the Chess ladder, but for some reason, they wouldn’t play her.  Perhaps they were afraid of losing to a mere child.  She decided to content herself with playing family members, and usually beat the pants off them.

Shai Ning Plays Chess

Elle wasn’t the only one that liked chess.  Shai Ning also played.  In fact, like his sister Magique Elle, Shai had the lifetime wish to be a Chess Legend.  Unlike Elle, Shai wouldn’t play forever.

Frustrated Shai

In fact, sometimes a chess problem could leave Shai quite frustrated, and he’d need to get away to do something else.

Shai with Telescope

At least now with the new telescope, Shai had a way to develop his logic skill without always having to play Chess.  He actually discovered a star one night!

Wii with Telescope

Wii didn’t seem to care much for Chess, but she did enjoy the telescope.  While she had yet to discover any heavenly bodies, she did enjoy stargazing.

Fah Homework

Of course, not everyone has the inclination or the time to play chess or stare into space through the tube of a telescope.  Now a teen, Fah Ling was busy trying to keep up with school work and trying to find a part time job.  It was hard enough to find a job that interested him.  Most of the job also were ones that dealt with people…lots and lots of them.  The grocery, the book store, the spa; they all meant that he’d have to be around people all day.

Then, when checking out jobs on the computer later that night, he saw an ad for a job at the cemetery.  No people there (at least not live ones); it was an evening shift, but early enough for him to get home in plenty of time to finish homework and catch some z’s before school the next day.  He applied and got the job!

Fah realized that when he was told his start date, that it was the same day as Shai Ning’s next birthday.  At first, he thought about asking them to start another day, but when he started thinking about the amount of people his Mom normally invited to those parties, he decided that missing Shai’s party might not be such a bad thing after all.



1. Samantha - July 22, 2009

Poor Fah…I had a large sim family and one of my children became a loner as well. He was born a twin…so from the start he was never alone but my sims weren’t able to give everyone their own room, all 6 of the kids slept in the same room (the 6th child aged into a kid as the oldest moved out so really only 5 in the room at a time). With him being one of the last to move out of the house (he being 2nd to youngest) the house was starting to be less crowded and he began to enjoy that. His youngest brother just aged to a teen and his parents were near the end of their lifespan so I didn’t want him to move out and leave the youngest in case they passed. He then fell in love with a woman in town and married her…she had a child already but that didn’t bother him, but after marriage he realized she had the lifetime wish to be surrounded by family. Shortly after she gave birth to twins. His parents did pass on shortly after their birth. Now he too finds solice in the near by graveyard were his parents are burried…the nighttime ghosts were becoming too much. He dreams of learning all the recipes possible so he goes there to read while he leaves his wife to the 4 children at home (they adopted a child before the twins were born not knowing they were coming). There is also a lake over the hill a few minutes away that he sometimes goes to fish at since its not a very popular spot for most sims. Sadly I think he was lucky to be a loner and not some other trait, his twin became insane and the youngest became hot-headed.

Too bad Fah didn’t meet my loner son, I think they would have had a lot in common to talk about, and maybe then they would have been able to conquer those fears of large crowds, or share some tips on the best places to spend in solitude.

Luna - July 23, 2009

Wow samantha, you wrote a whole story right there. You should made a blog too if you haven’t yet.

My sim characters husband is a loner and he’s never been afraid of a large crowd. In fact, we have a huge household and he’s never had a negative moodlet, but our daughter who is also a loner has. -laughs-

Celara, I liked your story a lot. I look forward to reading more and I’m also going to add a link on my blog to yours.

If you could link to mine too, that would be wonderful. 🙂


Samantha - July 23, 2009

I’ve thought about writing a sims3 blog story but I just don’t know where to start with it nor do I think the time would be available for me to keep it updated. I’d use my current family but its so far into the storyline and pictures havn’t been taken that I don’t know if it would be usable…though I do find some of the things I learn about my own family rather interesting, like my son who named his kid after his dad had a father-in-law with the same name…had no idea until the kid grew up a bit. I also find it hilarious how all my 3rd generation sims are acquiring couch potato and insane traits, 2 have even managed to become kleptos. If I start a blog I hope shamelessly advertising here would be ok 😛

2. celara - July 23, 2009

I have no problem with someone posting a reply about my blog and then putting a link to their own blog up. It’s how I started getting the word out about my own site on RoBurky’s site. Most people are pretty courteous about not overdoing advertisement.

In developing a story, I would say photos are your friend. Screenshots can help develop a sequence of action in the story. As I’ve gotten further into my own story, I find I’m taking more pictures when I play, and sometimes I think I still don’t take enough.

kansine - July 23, 2009

Exactly! For me, taking pictures is the way to remember what happened and in which order, so I take photos of every situation even if I wouldn’t publish them. Sometimes I need to write something down while I’m playing, though… (my memory is horrible! XP)

3. sld48gem - July 23, 2009

This is samantha…now with a wordpress page. I’ve decided to give it a go. Its not with my previous family. That story is way too in depth to begin with so I made a new sim and am hoping for the best. I posted a link there to here as well as a few other sims stories I enjoy. I guess I owe thanks since I got the courage (and inspiration) from here.

Right now its called Mitsy Kelden’s Tale and its in the beginning phases but I think it could be interesting. I’d love to hear everyones thoughts on it.

4. catherinesims3 - October 13, 2009

Hi, there. I saw some traffic headed my way from this site and thought I’d stop by and check it out. Have we met? I apologize if I’ve talked to you but forgotten your name. I’m terrible at remembering names.

At any rate, it looks like you have a good, thoughtfully written story going on here. I’m rushing to finish up my own legacy before the expansion pack is released, so I don’t have much time to spare to read new stories, but I will link and bookmark you, because this is a site I definitely plan to visit again when I have a bit more time on my hands.

celara - October 14, 2009

I appreciate that. I’m not sure if we’ve met.

I hope that you get a chance to visit again. I’m hoping to get some new content up soon. I’ve been devoting time to our group story that will be starting soon, and I’ve been neglecting this story a bit, I’m afraid.

I’ll be posting up an announcement on here when the new story is up.

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