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Birthday Blow Out July 23, 2009

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Fah Ling's Job

It was Fah Ling’s first day on the job, and he was excited.  As he arrived, he took a moment to take in his surroundings.  The cemetery was quiet, secluded…and somewhat creepy.  Fah liked the solitude, but he felt as if a presence was in the graveyard with him, and it made him a little uncomfortable.

Don't Be Late

But, no time to worry about that now.  Mustn’t be late!  Time to go to work!

Making a Wish

Meanwhile, back at the Starr house, guests had gathered for Shai Ning’s teen birthday.  Krystal had decided to have the party at home this time to grill for the guests.  She thought perhaps a few of them might also like to use the pool.

The candles had already been lit on the cake, and Shai was trying to make up his mind what to wish for.

He took a deep breath, and blew out the candles.


Noise Makers

Party goers got out their noise makers.  Family, and even Shai Ning joined in, whooping it up!


Billy Alto was there enjoying the party.  While he was happy for Shai, he wished that he would grow up already so they could eat cake!












As if in answer to Billy’s unspoken wish, the glow of a growth spurt came upon Shai Ning…











and he disappeared!

There was a momentary flash of fear in Krystal’s mind.  She had already had one child disappear once.  Could it be happening again?

Her fears were short lived, however.


Krystal clapped for joy, as Shai Ning emerged from the flash of brilliant light.  He grew and changed into…

Long Neck Teen

…a giraffe???

Fortunately, this change wasn’t permanent.  Shai finally finished growing…












Shai Ning Teen

…and took on his teen form!  Krystal thanked her lucky stars that her boy had grown up so well!  She also saw one of her wishes fulfilled when she realized that Shai was a genius.

The party was going strong; it was a real blow out!  However, there was something in the air that just didn’t seem (or was that smell?) right….

Kitchen Stove

In the kitchen, the room adjoining where the party was going on, all appeared well.  There were no stinking dishes piling up, nothing on the stove, and the smoke alarm was where it should be…on the wall.




Smoking Grill

Outside, however, far from the smoke alarm, trouble was brewing.  Krystal had been so interested in seeing Shai Ning blow out his candles and grow to be a teen, that she had forgotten about the fact that she had put another set of hot dogs on the grill!




Grill Fire

Within moments, the grill burst into flames!



1. pabo9999 - July 23, 2009


2. kansine - July 23, 2009

OMG, what a birthday! 😀 First he dissapears then grow up to be a giraffe and finally a fire breaks uot XD This is totally entertaining! ;D BTW, that girl on the left side of Krystal… is she one of the children or a friend of Shai Ning? She has a cute hoodie 😀 I also just love the feeling in your story, but it’s hard to describe…

3. lihlippb - July 23, 2009

I love how you use glitches to help make your story more interesting and funny!

4. celara - July 23, 2009

That is actually Bree Li’ant. I did some modification to some of the clothing as I went to go with their favorite colors. If you go back, you can see Fah Ling’s shirt went from green to black, Wii’s shirt got more purple, and so on. Since Shai’s favorite color is yellow, I didn’t change his at all.

5. sld48gem - July 24, 2009

I wonder if everytime someone ages up they disapear and become over stretched before finding their right size. I’ve never noticed before. As for the fire I hope everyone stays away from it, would be horrible if Fah saw someone join the cemetery tonight O.o

6. Luna - August 14, 2009

I wonder if this is a weird sims thing as it happened to me when my sim had a birthday! A fire! :O

7. celara - August 14, 2009

This is my 2nd fire; the first one was just after a birthday. This one was during. I am sure though that Krystal did leave the grill unattended this time. I’ve heard that candles can catch on fire, though I’ve never seen it before.

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