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Athletics and Activities July 31, 2009

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Getting in Gear

Rai Sing has had the athletic trait since he was a baby.  However, up to now, other than the occasional game of tag with a sibling or a swim now and then, he hasn’t really showed much interest in developing the trait.  A somewhat chunky child, he has become a husky teen, and Rai seems to have decided that it’s time to work to develop his altheticism before he carries that larger build over to his adult years.

Flipping over to a channel that is devoted to fitness, Rai finds a cardio workout going, and begins following along.

Bending the Knees


As the instructor on the screen starts chanting her instructions, Rai takes a moment to see how the movement is done, and then he begins to copy what he sees on the screen.  He puts his hands on his hips and begins to bend his knees.







He continues to bend until he is in the squat position for the first time.  From here it’s back up, and then down again, then up, over and over again.



After doing what wasJumping Jacks a seemingly endless amount of squats, the TV instructor switched to jumping jacks.  Now, over and over again, Rai was jumping and stretching, using muscles that had been dormant for way too long.

Reading Up








While Rai Sing was excercising his muscles, Fah Ling was exercising his brain.  He had become interested in building skill in handiness, and while his brother was in the living room, Fah took a moment to raise his skill up another notch by reading a book on the subject.  He had been doing some minor repairs around the house the other day, so it didn’t take long to do.Bree's Homework

When Fah left the room for other activities, Bree Li’ant came in to work on her homework.  Like her other siblings, Bree often had the desire to do her homework and get good grades.  She wished to get on the honor roll, and knew that it would be difficult to do so if her homework wasn’t done.






Even as Bree was completing her assignment, Rai was still doing his workout.  He was now doing stretches, and working up a bit of a sweat.  As the workout finished, Rai went in to shower to cool off.

Shai and Bree play Chess







Later in the afternoon, Bree went outside to play a game of chess with Shai.  She heard the door to the house close, and then heard the sound of running feet.

Shai and Bree See Rai Jog

Jogging Rai






It was Rai Sing, cooled down from his shower, now out to go jogging.  As he ran off down the street, they wondered whether their brother might be overdoing his fitness routine just a bit on his first day of training.



1. Kansine - July 31, 2009

Good that he started to worko out – that’s healthy for him. But I agree, quite a lot of worko out to be his first time XD

Kansine - July 31, 2009

Hmmm… why oh why did I spell “work out” wrong two times in a row? O_O I KNOW that it’s work out, not worko out! Now I’m so ashamed!

meezletoe - August 2, 2009

That’s like how my friend always says “hashahashahasha” when we’re im-ing. She’s given up and just does it on purpose now.

2. Mannie - July 31, 2009

I love how he works out in that hot vest! That’s a very smart thing to do. Can they take off part of their clothes if they need to?

Kansine - July 31, 2009

The same thing crossed my mind too XD

katiegirl1996 - August 5, 2009


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