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The Fruit of Life July 31, 2009

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Krystal Eats a Life FruitOn one of her many walks, Krystal had discovered a seed that she had never seen before.  Many times before, she had planted seeds found on walks and had been able to grow new vegetables in her garden.

After days of tending the new plant, Krystal was surprised to see something she had never encountered before.  It looked a lot like a pear, but its golden skin almost seemed to glow, and it was so bright it almost looked like it had a halo hovering over it.

Eating Life Fruit

It looked so good, Krystal just had to try it.  She took a bite, and it tasted heavenly.  She ate every last morsel.

Moments after she ate the fruit, she had a wonderful sensation.  She felt very good, and she almost felt…younger.

She went and did some investigation, and found out that the fruit she had planted was called a Life Fruit.  Extremely rare, they had the ability to extend the life of anyone that ate it.

Krystal realized that by eating a Life Fruit now and then, she might be able to live long enough to see all of her children grown up.  She made sure to keep one or two of the fruit back for seeds, so she could grow more plants to keep these fruits around for her (and her family’s) future.



1. Kansine - July 31, 2009

Cool! Great that she found the seed, I was already getting worried if she will die soon…

2. Mannie - July 31, 2009

That is wonderful!

3. Alice and Kev Fan - July 31, 2009


4. Samantha - August 1, 2009

Perfect…I too was wondering if she was going to end up leaving the family before they were all grown

5. kansine - August 1, 2009

BTW, I’ve started a new blog (I will still continue Eafi’s story and it will be my primary story) that is mainly about developing friendships. It’s still on the introduction level (I’ll introduce the main characters as children, in the main story they’ll be teens), but I just wanted to mention it, so that if anyone is interested, you can check it out ^_^ :


meezletoe - August 2, 2009

To tell you the truth I was reading your blog and you seemed way into the story. I got depressed because I thought it’d take long to catch up (like when I haven’t checked my emails for a long time…or gone on DeviantArt, which I am avoiding…too many subscriptions) and I had read some of your entries already.
Now I can read one of your blogs from the beginning! BWAHAHAHAHA!!
(and I’ll probably end up reading Eafi’s blog too. I hate starting a story from the middle, and I’m a fast reader anyways).

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