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A Trio of Teens August 3, 2009

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The Party Begins

The girls’ birthdays are today.  Krystal wanted to throw the party at home again to be able to have people out on the patio again.  Ian said that was fine, on one condition:  NO GRILLING!  Krystal pouted a bit, but remembering what happened last time, she agreed.

The guests were scattered about in the house, and only a few were in the dining room when the announcement was made that the cakes were about to be lit.

Bree's TurnBree was the first to make her birthday wish.  Katrina McIrish watched excitedly, her mouth open wide as if she planned to shove cake into her face the moment it was cut.

Bree took a moment to contemplate her wish…




…and then blew out her candles.  Noisemakers twirled, and Bree and Katrina celebrated in sync.






More people had entered the room, and each joined in, blowing horns, clapping, and just having a good time.

Bree's Growth Spurt

Bree was excited when the growth spurt came upon her.

The Stretch








However, she never expected to look like one of the tribeswomen in National Geographic.  You know the ones; they have layers and layers of bands around their necks, making them unusually long.  She hoped this was only temporary.

And of course it was just for a moment.  When the growth spurt was over, she looked like…


…Oprah Winfrey?









Elle's Turn

The party was still going strong when it was Elle’s turn to get her cake.

Making a Wish

Ian and Torey Goth watched from across the table as Elle contemplated her wish.  What would she wish for this time?


To be a superhero perhaps?  Or maybe to have longer arms?  Perhaps she simply wanted to have someone get the chair out of her way so she could reach her cake. 

Even at such a distance, Elle managed a super blast of blowing breath to take out all her candles!

Celebration Continues

The guests, celebrating Elle’s birthday, as well as the amazing feat of long distance candle extinguishing, erupted again into cheers, applause, and noisemaker sounds.  Elle herself started waving a noisemaker in the air.

It Came as a Surprise

The onset of Magique Elle’s growth spurt seemed to come as a surprise to her.  As her eyes widened, the essence of aging surrounded her…

Teenager Elle

and teenager Elle appeared in a flash (perhaps her wish really was to not have the embarrasing stretch effect).






Wii's Turn

As Wii stepped up to her cake, Ian got a shocked look on his face.   Perhaps it was that he ate his cake a bit too fast, or maybe it was just the thought of how many days they would be eating cake leftovers.  Possibly he could also be thinking of how it just seemed such a short time ago that his children were in diapers, and once Wii was a teen, the children would all be almost grown.

Wii Shing Contemplates Wishing

Wii wasn’t sure what to wish for, but after contemplating it for a moment or two, she blew out her candles.

Wii Ages

For her, the growth spurt came on quickly…

All Stretched Out

…she stretched up…

Surprised Teen

…and snapped back into her teen form so quickly, it left Wii quite surprised!

After the party, the girls decided it was time for makeovers.  As they were teens now, Krystal and Ian allowed them to wear makeup for the first time.

Bree Li'ant Starr

Bree Li'ant Starr

Bree’s favorite color being green, she chose green eye shadow to accent her eyes, and changed the sash on her outfit from blue to green.  She went for a sassy haircut that gave her a bit of style.

Magique Elle Starr

Magique Elle Starr

Elle, like her mother Krystal, loves the color turquoise.  Like her mother also, she chose to go for a short hair style to bring out her facial features.  In many ways, she resembles her mother.

Wii Shing Starr

Wii Shing Starr

Wii loves purple, and she liked the outfit she changed into as a teen so much that she decided to keep it just as it was.  She pulled her hair back, and added eye shadow to pull her look together.

The girls didn’t really do anything at this point to change their rooms.  Elle and Bree have plans to split their room just like Fah and Shai did, but right now, they’re going to leave things as they are.



1. Alice and Kev Fan - August 3, 2009

LOL @ Oprah Winfrey…

celara - August 3, 2009

I swear she looks like a young Oprah in that shot…. 😉

BTW, I have finally finished updating the page about the Starr Family. All the traits, favorites, lifetime wishes, etc. are there for those who are interested.

2. kansine - August 3, 2009

This chapter was like… way more than excellent! XD I was laughing so much! The way how Bree looks stretched out is the most hilarious thing ever, and also how Elle was reaching for the cake… PLUS that Katrina – she has her mouth open like all the time, it’s just too funny! XD

3. lihlippb - August 3, 2009

She really did look a ton like Oprah. What a keen observation. You add such unique touches to your blog, and I just love it. It’s cool how you use the stretching for comical effect!

4. pabo9999 - August 4, 2009

Lovely…..Oprah Winfrey lol

5. kansine - August 4, 2009

BTW, who is Oprah? XD

Kayla - August 4, 2009

She’s a girl on a tv show, who kind of like helps people out and stuff with their problems or something like that. She talks with them and stuff.

6. Kayla - August 4, 2009


7. celara - August 5, 2009

I believe I figured out how to add the RSS Feed. Please let me know if there are any problems.

8. Mosim - August 8, 2009

omg Oprah Winfrey! She really did look like her! I laughed so hard!! In that last pic she looks like Star Jones. 🙂

celara - August 8, 2009

LOL…hmmm….”Star” Starr.

Might be a name for the next generation. 😉

9. Anna - September 2, 2009

hahaha funny!! I love this story!!!!!!

celara - September 3, 2009

I’m glad you like it! 🙂

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