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A Really Bad Day…. August 5, 2009

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Most days, things in the Starr household go really well.  Today is not one of those days.

Perhaps it’s because it’s the day after the girls’ birthday party.  The party was another success (Krystal’s parties usually are; she’s a legendary hostess).  Everyone was up later than usual though, and it happened to be a school night.  So, every one of the teens either slept in and was running late for the bus, went to school hungry, tired, or dirty, wasn’t finished with homework, or some combination of all these factors.  It is after school lets out and the teens head home, that we see the results of having too much fun the night before.

Fah Ling Needs a Shower

Smelly and Tired











When Fah Ling arrives home, he is smelly and tired.  His sister, Wii Shing comes in and walks right past him, trying to avoid the ever growing green funk surrounding him.  He can’t even stand himself, he is so ripe.






Rai Smells Fah

Rai Sing comes in from school.  He doesn’t make it through the living room without catching a whiff of his brother.  It’s very clear that he does not like what he smells!

Off to Work

Fah Ling would love to stay home and rest and get a shower, but he hears a car horn beeping.  His ride to work is waiting, and he dashes to the car.

Driver has a cold?








Perhaps the driver of the car has a cold; he doesn’t seem to respond to Fah’s cloud of stench at all.

When Fah Ling gets to work, he decides to do something about his personal issues.  There are no shower facilities at the Masoleum, so he cannot bathe.  What he can do though is sleep; it’s quiet there.  He winds up managing to sleep through his entire shift.  It doesn’t help his job performance any, but at least he won’t be ready to drop when he gets home.

Even Ian has ProblemsReal Problems








It wasn’t just a bad day for the kids.  Ian really had to use the bathroom, but because the downstairs bathroom was occupied, he had to run upstairs.  He didn’t quite make it.

Exhausted ShaiTired Elle









When Shai Ning and Magique Elle got home from their jobs, they were also out of sorts.  Both were exhausted, and Elle was sweaty as well.  For some reason though, neither decided it was time to head upstairs to bed.  Perhaps they were both too tired to drag themselves up the stairs.

Excited by Smell?Fading Fast









Excitable Elle seemed to be enthused, perhaps because her sweat was color coordinating with her sweater.  Shai seemed to be getting more and more tired, and his upset face said he was fading fast.

Bree Comes Home


When Bree arrived home that night, it didn’t take her long to catch wind of the growing amount of body odor in the living room.  She suppressed a gag, barely able to keep from choking.  Wii had wisely chosen to stay outside.  The only one of the siblings to have gotten a decent amount of sleep the night before, she decided to practice her chess game in the open air.

Fah Gets Home From Work

Rai Sing also was home, and he of all the teens chose to put his schoolwork first, and he sat down to do his homework.  Fah Ling arrived home shortly after, and the stench in the room became more pronounced.


Shai Ning finally had enough of all the smell in the house.  He headed out the door to see about playing a game of chess with his sister.










Shai was extremely tired though, and he seemed to be getting light-headed.

Exhaustion Sets InSleeping Awake






His eyes looked sunken in, and when he started to snore with his eyes still wide open, it was clear that the game was off.

Night Night Time


Shai was fading fast…


He hit the ground so hard that his arm seemed to bury itself in the grass.  At almost the same time…

Elle Goes Down

Out Like a Light


…Elle passed out in the living room.  Her arm also seemed to bury itself in the carpet a moment before resting itself on the floor, her turquoise vapor trail tracing the arc of her fall.

 Bree Starts to Nod Off

A Rude Gesture

Bree nods off for a moment.  Fah seems to be dusting himself off, as if that might help brush off some of the stench.  He turns around, and Bree seems to make a rude gesture to him.  It is doubtful that he saw it, otherwise his hot-headed nature might have caused an incident between the two.

Going to Bed

Finally, Bree decides enough is enough, and she heads to bed.  Krystal, who seems to have fortunately avoided the drama everyone else has had, doesn’t say anything to Bree.  Her bad mood seems apparent.

Bleary-eyed Rai

Rai Sing seems somewhat bleary-eyed.  Perhaps he didn’t realize how sleepy he was getting while he was doing homework.

Still Out

Shai Ning is still unconscious near the front door.  He will stay here for several hours until he can find enough strength to go upstairs.


Elle woke up.  She and Wii sit down and eat some leftover birthday cake.

Out Again

Poor Elle got up from the table, and promptly passed out again.

Bree Sleeps Comfortably

Meanwhile, Bree is one of the few that make it upstairs in time to get a full night’s sleep.  The aftermath of this bad day follows some of the family throughout the week, and it isn’t until the weekend that things start to get back to normal.



1. ohhaiii - August 5, 2009

I love your blog it’s really interesting & amusing
Your character descriptions are really in depth
Keep up the good work
feel free to visit my site although at the moment it is a work in progress lol


celara - August 5, 2009

I think all these stories are “works in progress” by nature. I checked it out, and the premise is interesting. I look forward to seeing how it develops.

2. Alice and Kev Fan - August 5, 2009

Good Heavens! What a day! They certainly can’t rock and roll all night and party every day.

3. kansine - August 5, 2009

LOL, I love this post 😀 Somehow you always succeed to make things, that are very every day stuff in sims lifes, sound so interesting and captivating! It must be your great writing style. BTW, quite many sims 3 bloggers seem to have decreased their updating lately, and that’s why it made me ESPECIALLY happy to see that you had a new update! 🙂 I don’t know if it’s the schools starting, people getting tired of blogging or why is it that they don’t seem to update so often anymore… or maybe I’m just too hooked to reading blogs and I’m getting paranoid XD

4. kansine - August 6, 2009

BTW, you’ve had that glitch that the baby disappeared, and now I had a glitch that my teenager totally disappeared for a while (after the policen had caught him). Interesting these dissapearing sims…

celara - August 6, 2009

Heh…maybe they put him in Juvenile Hall for a while…will be interested to see how you handle the glitch in your story.

5. ohhaiii - August 6, 2009

How do i add the connecting links? Its confusing me now 😦

celara - August 6, 2009

It may be specific to the appearance of your specific blog. With mine, I don’t remember doing anything to add the navigation. You may want to check out the support pages or see if there are some settings on your particular page appearance you can modify to get them to show.

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