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The River Elle and Lake Bree August 7, 2009

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Fah Enjoys Breakfast Al Fresco

It had started out as an ordinary day.  It was nice outside, and Krystal and Ian decided to go out on the town and leave the kids at home.  The teens were very responsible, so they had no worries of anything going wrong.

Krystal and Ian had barely been out of the house an hour when it started.

Elle's AccidentElle had been on her way to the bathroom.  She really, really had to go, but unfortunately, she didn’t make it.

Now, accidents can happen, and this isn’t the first time that someone didn’t make it to the bathroom in time in the Starr house.

However, this was no ordinary accident….

Elle just couldn’t seem to empty her bladder, and the puddle grew…


The Beginnings of the River Elle

…and grew, becoming the beginnings of a river stretching across the dining room.

Beginnings of Lake Bree

As if Elle’s bladder problems weren’t bad enough, Bree wound up having an accident in the kitchen about the same time, creating a small lake.

With the way Elle is hunched over though, it looks like she’s not done.

The River Grows

As Elle shakes off her shoe, it can be seen that the river she has created is now almost all the way across the dining room…

A Long River

…and flowing toward the living room.

It Smells

With the growing river and lake, Bree starts complaining about the smell.  Fah Ling decides he’s had enough of it, and promptly leaves.  Anywhere is preferable to this!

A Larger Lake

Almost as soon as the door slams with Fah Ling’s exit, Bree’s bladder lets loose again, the lake spreading out into the living room.

Rai Sing Reacts

As Rai Sing passes by, he closes his eyes and wrinkles up his nose.  He is clearly disgusted.

River and Lake Meet

By the time both girls had emptied their bladders, the River Elle flowed into Lake Bree, merging the two messes together.  The housekeeper had arrived by then, and looked incredulously at the immense mess.

The Extent of the Mess

The housekeeper really didn’t like the idea of having to clean up this mess.  In fact, he went upstairs, cleaned up the top floor, and then suddenly announced he was done.

Bree wound up having to clean the mess.  She must have used a really super absorbent mop, because she never moved from the kitchen, and all the liquid, even in the dining room, disappeared in moments.  One of the advantages of being neat, perhaps.

When Krystal and Ian arrived home, everything was back to normal.  They never knew about the river and lake in their own home.



1. meezletoe - August 7, 2009

Wow. O_O

2. pabo9999 - August 7, 2009

Strange . . .

katiegirl1996 - August 7, 2009


3. Samantha - August 7, 2009

HAHA, I love it!!! My sims have created pretty big messes themselves but this is amazing! You always have such interesting things to share in your blog…its like you have nonstop glitches (not sure this was a glitch but I’m not sure what else to categorize it as of yet)

celara - August 7, 2009

LOL…I don’t know how I’d categorize it either, but it was certainly strange.

4. ohhaiii - August 7, 2009

Wow they must have really needed to go!
& my maids the same he’l make one bed sometimes only half a bed eat some ice-cream then leave $125 a day im paying pffft lol
btw I’ve started a new blog Il still be working on the old one only not as much as atm the min there isn’t much to say.
The new one is a totally different style & story.


5. A-Sha - August 7, 2009

o_O holy. they sure have a lot of water in them -_-

6. Alice and Kev Fan - August 7, 2009

Wow! How odd! LOL

7. kansine - August 8, 2009

WHOA!!! I had the best laugh for a long time XD How is it possible that they peed so much?? You didn’t use any cheat, did you? 😀 (ok, I know that it’s not you’re style so I guess not) Was it a glitch or is it normal that teenager pee huge lakes? When you think about that this scenario would happen in real life… EWWW, TOO GROSS to even imagine! XD

8. Buckets - August 8, 2009

Thank you for giving me the best laugh I’ve had in a long time!

9. Michelle - August 8, 2009

That was crazy. I was laughing so hard…and now *I* have to go too.

Did the teens ever re-do their rooms?

10. celara - August 8, 2009

There was no cheat involved…I don’t even know how you could cheat something like that happening. It was like the two of them somehow got stuck on the “pee self” mode. I wondered if it was some weird variation of the bathroom glitch. It was one of those times when I wasn’t trying to exert a lot of control on them when it happened. That’s usually when some of the weirdest glitches in the game happen.

As to the girls, At the end of the chapter about the really bad day, you will see that Bree is in a separate room. The carpet is still the same in the two of them, but you’ll notice that Bree’s walls are green, while Elle’s are turquoise. There will be some pictures of the upstairs in future chapters, so you’ll see some other small tweeks here and there.

I didn’t mention it at the end of that chapter either, but you might notice that all of the childhood toys that were upstairs are now gone. Where the turtle was, there is now another chessboard (the one Wii and Shai were playing at in “Togetherness”).

11. Luna - August 14, 2009


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