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Togetherness August 7, 2009

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Wii and Shai play chess

 While many times, the members of the Starr family would go off separately and follow their own whims, on other days, they valued time spent together.

Studying the Board

Since everyone in the family knew how to play chess, it was often a pasttime shared.  Shai Ning, who dreamed of becomming a legend in the game, often used matches against family members to hone his skills.

Wii Makes a Move

However, just because he had the desire to be the best at the game, it didn’t mean his siblings or parents were pushovers.  They kept him challenged.

Working Out

Rai Sing had discovered one day that Ian also was into athletics, and on occasion, they would become workout partners.

Ian and Rai

Sometimes, they would be working on different parts of their routines.

Working Out In Sync

Other times, father and son would be perfectly in sync.

Stretches and Squats

Whether they were in tandem or doing their own thing, Rai and Ian liked their time together working out.

Jumping Jacks and Squats

The woman on the fitness channel really knew how to get them to break a sweat! “Ya boogie, ya boogie, now grishna do….” she would intone in her high pitched, enthusiastic voice as she put them through their paces.

In the Garden

Fah Ling had the wish to learn the gardening skill, and so he turned to his mother, Krystal, who had become a master gardener.  One day, after he came home from work, he saw her gardening later than usual, and offered to help.

Krystal and Fah in the Garden

Krystal accepted his offer, and the two worked together.

Gardening Together

Krystal went about harvesting and weeding, and she had Fah water the plants for her.  She got done much faster than she would have on her own, and Fah earned some gardening skill out of it.

Blonde Moment?

Perhaps Wii would have been better off waiting to work on her homework together with her siblings; today it just seems to have left her confused.



1. celara - August 7, 2009

BTW, I finally got the “about the author” section finished. I think that will leave me more time to actually work on the story. 🙂

2. kansine - August 8, 2009

“Ya boogie, ya boogie, now grishna do….” LOL, I love that XD It’s fun to look at when sims work out in sync 😀

3. Kyrinn - August 20, 2009

“Ya boogie, ya boogie, now grishna do….”
That was my favourite part of this whole story! You are doing a really great job. I found your site via the Alice and Kev link and I am enjoying reading a little bit each morning before heading off to work!

celara - August 23, 2009

Thank you! I’ve been away a few days, but plan to do some writing this evening. 🙂 Hopefully, you’ll have some more to read before you go to work Monday! 🙂

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