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Loss August 9, 2009

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Days passed, and routine once again settled in.

One particularly beautiful morning after breakfast, the kids had gone off to school, Ian was working on another story, and the housekeeper had just arrived to tidy things up.  Krystal started her day much like any day, by working in her garden.  She weeded, she harvested fruit, she watered the plants, and she enjoyed her time in the sun.

Then, when she was about half way through her gardening, a strange feeling came over her.

Krystal Feels Strange

Krystal felt a light embrace her, seeming to lift up her soul.  Her tired body felt featherlike, and her feet left the ground.  She floated there, inches above the earth.

The Light Grows

As Krystal looked down at her feet hovering over the ground, the light began to swirl and grow in intensity.

A Flash of Light

The look on Krystal’s face turned to one of surprise as the light flashed…

Krystal Clear

…and Krystal’s body became translucent.  She appeared to be a woman made of crystal, wrapped in light.  Realization set in, and Krystal concluded remorsefully that she had just died.

Krystal Looks at Her Changed Form

As Krystal looked down at her new form, many thoughts flashed through her mind.  First, she became angry with herself.  Why had she started eating the life fruit so late in her life?  She kept trying to wrack her brain to see if there was some way she could have avoided this fate.  What was to happen to her?

Then her thoughts turned outward, settling on her family.  She chided herself for her selfish thoughts a moment ago.  How would Ian and the children cope?  Did they know how much she loved them?  Had she told them enough?  Regrets flooded over her.  She would never see her six children graduate, get married, or have children of their own.  Would they have the happy lives that she had dreamed of for them?

Her thoughts turned to Ian.  He was such a loving man, and she had loved him dearly almost from the moment she set eyes on him.  The children would comfort him, she knew, but would he be all right?  Krystal had been the one he had confided all his fears to; would he be able to handle facing his worries without her?


Her thoughts started to drift now, and bits and pieces of her life flashed before her.  She seemed to recall, a time earlier in her life when she had lost a friend.  She had been in the park talking to her when she died.  She recalled a similar change occuring to her friend of long ago.  She tried to remember further, but the shock of her tranformation was making her recall of the events elusive.  Her mind flashed to other events; happy times, like the births of her children.  Recalling the feel of childish hands in hers as she taught her children their first steps.  Tragic times, like when Fah Ling had been missing; melding into the joy following his return.  The many birthday celebrations.  The fires.  The feel of a guitar in her hands, making the most wonderful music.  Nights of passion with Ian, making music of another kind.  Moments danced in and out of her thoughts, crisp, yet as fleeting as shadows.  A shadow of a different sort brushed by, breaking Krystal from her reverie. 

Bridget Sees Krystal

Bridget Creech came outside.  She had to bent down to pick up yesterday’s newspaper, which no one had thought to bring in the other day.  Her plan had been to recycle it, but she spotted Krystal in her crystalline form, and stopped short.  For a moment, the two looked at each other.  It took a moment for Bridget to realize her employer had passed on.

Bridget Reacts as the Reaper Appears

A wave of grief struck Bridget, as she shrieked and then burst into tears.  The shriek was not due to the surprise of seeing Krystal’s new form before her.  Rather, it was the appearance of the dark, menacing figure behind Krystal, rising from the ground.

The Reaper Appears

Bridget Creech

It was hard for Bridget to pull her eyes off the Grim Reaper, but she did her best to focus on Krystal.  Her eyes grew sad, as the loss of her employer and friend continued to sink in.

Her fists balled up as she tried to keep her emotions in check.

Meanwhile, Ian, having heard Bridget’s frightened shriek and not knowing what was wrong, tore through the house to come to her aid.





Bridget Reaches Out

Bridget released the tension in her hands, and held them out to Krystal.  It was a gesture of many meanings.  She pled to Death not to take this woman that so many loved.  She reached out to her friend, hoping to pull her back over the chasm she was now crossing.  She wished for one last moment to say how much Krystal meant to her, and regretted not having said it before this day.

Ian Comes Outside 

As Ian came out the door, he saw a very distraught Bridget in tears, and a shadowy figure in black.  He did not notice the translucent form that his wife had become.  Figuring the person in black (he could not tell if it was a man or a woman) had been harassing his housekeeper, Ian moved to Bridget’s side, ready to defend her.

Ian Squares Off

He squared off against the intruder, balling up his fists, ready to fight if he had to.  Ian was not normally prone to violence, but this was his home, and this stranger had no right to cause anyone on his family’s property any kind of distress.

As he glared at the dark figure, he heard Bridget’s voice, husky from crying.  “Oh…Krystal,” she said through her tears.

Ian, often absent minded, started thinking as he kept his eyes on the hooded stranger.  Krystal?  He hadn’t seen her since that morning.  They had gotten up and had breakfast together.  She had given him a kiss and told him she was going…where was it she said she was going?  The…the g…the grill?  No…she had gone out the front door.  The gar…ah…the garden!  That’s it; she was going out to work in the garden.

Well, they were all out in the garden.  Here Bridget was, and here was this stranger, and Krystal was…was…where was Krystal?!?

Had this dark figure done something to his wife?  He started looking about, trying to assure himself that Krystal was fine.  It was at that moment, he spotted her.  Up until that moment, he had seen right through her.

Realization of Krystal's Passing

It took him a moment to realize what had happened, what was happening to Krystal, and who the shadowy black form really was.

It was that moment at which a crashing wave of grief and loss collided with Ian’s heart.

“Krystal!!!”  Ian screamed in pain, the last syllable of her name stretching out until he had to gasp for breath.



  The Pain of His Loss

 Krystal could make no reply however; she looked at him sadly with her pale, crystal eyes.  Was that a hint of a tear he saw, or just some trick the sunlight was playing on him?


Ian became distraught with grief.  He howled with pain, anger, and loss.

Ian Sobs

Then Ian broke down and sobbed.

Time to Rest

A monument appeared on the front lawn.  As Ian and Bridget grieved, they heard a dark, raspy, and somewhat sinister voice.  “Krysstal”, the Grim Reaper hissed, “Come with meeeee.  Ressst eternal ssshall be yourssss.”

Rest Eternal?

She turned toward Ian.  She didn’t want to leave him.  She didn’t want to leave the children.  But hearing the voice of the Reaper, she suddenly felt tired.  Rest.  Perhaps she did need to rest.  Ian looked so sad…rest…don’t want to leave…slumber…the children…eternal sleep…so tired…peace…tired….

Shaking Hands with the Reaper

As Ian and Bridget still sobbed, Krystal turned slowly to face the dark figure.  She did not fear him now for some reason beyond her current comprehension.  He held out his hand in welcome, and after a moment’s pause, she shook his outstretched hand.

Ian Realizes that Krystal is Going

Ian looked up through his tears.  This was her end, then?  She was going?

He had known she was older than him.  He had known this might happen.  It just seemed so soon…too soon.  But, he loved her.  He didn’t want her to go.

At that moment, the Grim Reaper pointed his hand to the grave marker he had already prepared for Krystal.  As if he had told her exactly what to do, her crystaline body seemed to dive into the marker….


…and Krystal was gone.



1. thevirtualgoddess129 - August 9, 2009


2. lihlippb - August 9, 2009

It’s sad that she died. RIP Chrystal 😦 I hope the kids aren’t to badly hurt

3. HAB - August 9, 2009


p.s. Everyone in the family and Bridget are going to get a very bad moodlet for two days.

4. kansine - August 9, 2009

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! This is so heart breaking! 😥 And you wrote so beautifully that I’m about to really start crying! I’ve been following Chrystals life for a so long while that she feels so real! O_O Especially when your story has always been so realistic!

celara - August 9, 2009

Thank you. In my bio, I had said I didn’t think I was as much a perfectionist as my own worst critic. However, I started writing this chapter Friday night, wrote on it on and off throughout Saturday, and didn’t get to bed until the wee hours of Sunday morning. I tinkered with it over and over until it was just right and I felt it was ready to share. I most certainly am a perfectionist. 🙂

I think this was a bit of cathartic writing for me. This past December, I lost my mother. It was very unexpected, and the circumstances were most unusual. I think in the writing, I was able to get out some of my own feelings about regrets (She was in a coma when I was able to get to her bedside, so in many ways, I felt like Ian and Bridget, looking at someone they cared about deeply, wishing they could say something that would bring them back, looking for some flicker of response or recognition).

I’m glad to hear that this chapter touched you in some way. I may take a couple days off to play and have some fun for a while, but with or without Krystal as a character, the story of the Starrs will go on. 🙂

5. Alice and Kev Fan - August 9, 2009

😦 R.I.P Krystal…

6. ohhaiii - August 9, 2009

Oh no I can’t beleive Krystal’s gone 😦 thats so sad. maybe they can bring back her ghost and she can live forever? that would be an cool twist.

also new posts on my blog

ohhaiii - August 9, 2009

oh bugger ignor the above i was adding the link to my blog roll lol

celara - August 9, 2009

I’m sure Kansine appreciates the plug for her site, though. 🙂

kansine - August 12, 2009

LOL, thanks! XD XD

7. Erik - August 10, 2009

Awwwww….that was so sad. RIP Krystal.

Your blog, BTW, is great! I’m really enjoying it, and I’m glad I noticed the link off of Alice and Kev 😀

8. A-Sha - August 10, 2009

Oh wow. RIP Krystal. The rest of the family will be mourning her death forever..

9. pabo9999 - August 10, 2009

:(((((((((((((( NOOOO HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! 😦

10. Luna - August 14, 2009

Well at least she didn’t die earlier of something else… like a fire.

Your pictures are very stretched out at the end, making them look distorted. You might want to check into that.

11. celara - August 14, 2009

Could be something I did when I edited the pictures. Thanks for letting me know.

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