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Revenge? August 12, 2009

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Heartbreak and Bookworms

As Bridget and Ian were grieving, the Grim Reaper decided that now would be a good time to see if there was anything good to read in the house.  Apparently, when Krystal shook his hand, he took it as a carte blanche invitation to the Starr home.

Heartbroken, Ian saw the Reaper entering his home, and that was the last straw.  He moved beyond his grief to anger at his loss, and the Reaper was about to be the target of his rage.

Sneaking in the House

An evil look crossed Ian’s face, and as Bridget still wept, Ian snuck into his own house.  He heard a soft rustling upstairs, and knowing all the kids were still in school, decided that his quarry was on the second floor.

Ian had recently acquired an item as a result of his many years of hard work making his own wishes come true.  It was called a ‘Moodlet Manager’.  He hadn’t even read the instructions yet.  He had only seen the two buttons on the machine.  One marked ‘Cure’ and the other marked ‘Zap.’  He didn’t know exactly what ‘Zap’ would do, but in his present mood, he figured the Grim Reaper would be the best guinea pig he could try it on.

Sneaking up on the Reaper

Ian thought he had heard noise coming from Wii Shing’s room, and he snuck toward her room.  As he entered Wii’s room, the Grim Reaper brushed right by him.  He pressed the button on his Moodlet Manager and the message “acquiring target” displayed on his controller. Ian could not hear through the wall the sound of Elle’s door closing.

Zapping the Reaper

He was about to go in search of him again when ‘Target Acquired’ flashed on the display, and then shortly after waves of blue light seemed to stream from the machine, heading though the walls between the girls’ rooms and straight toward where the Reaper was sitting in Elle’s bedroom, reading.

The Reaper Stops Reading

It was hard to tell if the device had any effect, but all of a sudden, the Reaper didn’t seem to feel like reading any more.


As Ian came out of Wii Shing’s room, he almost bumped into the Grim Reaper heading down the hall, book in hand.  For a moment or two, Ian stared at the Reaper’s haunting visage.  It was hard to tell if Grim was staring back, as his eyes were as dark as his soul.

Turn and Draw

Ian walked past the Reaper, and for a moment, the scene became something out of an old Western.  They walked away from each other, back to back.  However, Grim was armed only with a book (unless he was going to pull out his scythe again).  Ian had already turned, and before Grim could turn and face him…

He Shot Him in the Back

…he fired again.

In a gun fight, shooting someone in the back would be considered unfair, the act of a coward.  Ian didn’t care though.  The Reaper had taken his wife, the love of his life from him; how fair was that?  He wasn’t playing fair–this wasn’t a game–this was revenge.

The Reaper Drops His Book

The Reaper dropped the book he was carrying, as if stunned.  Moments later, he disappeared.


Ian found that his actions did not have the effect he had wished they would.  He was hoping that taking his frustrations out on the Grim Reaper would somehow make him feel better.  Instead he still felt sad, alone, and very, very tired.

He thought he should go lay down for a bit.  Perhaps a rest would give him a chance to clear his mind.  When the kids came home, it wasn’t going to be easy breaking the news to them.  He didn’t know how, but somehow he would have to help all of them get through this.

Ian turned toward Rai Sing’s door.  He decided to go to the bathroom before heading downstairs for a rest.




The morning’s events had taken their toll on Ian though, and he collapsed on Rai Sing’s floor.



1. celara - August 12, 2009

You’ll probably see a few shorter posts this week while I’m getting the family through their grieving process. It mainly has to do with the way the events played themselves out.

As I said after the last chapter, I took some time away from writing and played, and I think you’ll see that as the kids are getting older, more is going to start happening. I’ve probably got enough material to last for several days right now.

Anyway, I feel a bit more revitalized from a writing standpoint, and I’ve had a chance to get over and view all the stories on my blogroll and catch up with them.


2. Samantha - August 12, 2009

A short post is better than no post i think (from the readers point of view).

i’m curious if grim hung out because you willed it or if thats just something he did on his own, i’ve never seen that happen before, though i guess if people were able to socialize with him it seems that i’m just not good enough for grim

kansine - August 13, 2009

I totally agree – a short post is so much better than nothing, especially when it’s about a great blog 😀 Can’t wait to read more ^_^

3. celara - August 13, 2009

Just remember, you’re not dead yet…. 😉 The part that Krystal couldn’t remember was when her friend had died long ago, she had met Grim and even had talked to him a bit.

However, I did not will Grim to hang out. I had no control over him. When it happened, I couldn’t figure out why he’d stay, let alone go read a book. With the encounter of long ago, he chatted a moment, and then was gone.

No telling what NPCs will do on any given day.

4. kansine - August 13, 2009

It’s so tragic… The kids come home with their mum dead and dad collapsed O_O … And what a weird device Ian had, now I can’t stop thinking, what is the real purpose of it…

5. simchronicles - August 17, 2009

lol i love how he tried to kill the reaper… how ironic

celara - August 17, 2009

I don’t really know if he wanted to kill him. He did want some form of payback though, and if nothing else, he did get him to leave.

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