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Reaction and Action August 14, 2009

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When Ian woke up from his impromptu nap on the floor, he went back downstairs.  There was a note on the kitchen counter from Bridget.  “Dear Ian,” it read.  “I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to finish everything today.  I hope you can understand.  I was just too upset.  I am very sorry for your family’s loss.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  Bridget.”

Ian sighed.  Bridget was a nice young girl with a good heart.  He knew how distraught she had been that morning, and could understand why she had left early that day.  He’d still pay her day’s wages; it wasn’t her fault this had happened.

He napped for another hour or two, until the bus was due to arrive.  When they all came in, Ian sat his children down, and told them what had happened.  They all reacted quite differently.

No Fun for Mandi

Shai Ning had brought fellow chess enthusiast Mandi Song home with him from school.  When Ian had called the family together, Shai had asked her to wait upstairs in his room.  He had planned to take the day off to spend time with her.  After the news of Krystal’s death, Shai went to work, forgetting completely that Mandi was upstairs still waiting for him.

Passed Out

By the time Rai Sing came upstairs clearly upset at the news, Mandi had grown so tired of waiting that she had passed out.  Before Shai Ning returned, she would be gone, leaving cranky and tired.  Rai in the meantime watched TV.  No working out for him today; he just didn’t feel like it.

Fah Ling stalked up to his room and stayed there alone.  He sat in solitude the whole time.  It wasn’t supposed to be his day off, but he took it off anyway.  With the day’s events, he really didn’t feel like going to the Mausoleum at all.

Bree and Elle went to their separate rooms and cried themselves to sleep.

Wii and Ian

Wii had also gone to work after hearing the news.  She worked extra hard, and by the time she arrived home, she was a smelly, teary mess.  Ian walked into the living room just after she had entered the door.  For a moment the two stood there.

She looks a lot like her mother, Ian thought.  If her hair was a bit shorter she’d look a lot like Krystal did when I first met her back in the library.  She was so sweet, my Krystal, and…

He couldn’t go on.  The next thought was pounding at his brain.  SHE’S GONE.  Ian walked past Wii and out the front door.  Wii didn’t know what had just happened.  She decided to go take a bubble bath, hoping that it might cheer her up a bit.


Ian stood out in the yard all alone.  He had never felt so solitary in his whole life.  He didn’t know what to do.  He felt he should do something, but he didn’t know what that something should be.

Ian and the Dying Plant

As Ian contemplated what course of action to take, he looked down and happened to see one of the garden plants, wilting, down by his feet.  He spoke to the drooping plant.

“Poor thing.  You didn’t get enough water, did you?  Krystal left before giving you your drink today.  She’s dead and gone, and now your’re dying.  Krystal would be sad.  She loved you little plants, and she taught me to love you too.  I can’t do anything for my wife now, but maybe I can do something for you.”

Love and Water

Ian got his watering can, and showered the wilting plant.  Within the droplets, Ian could almost feel all of his love for Krystal pouring out, willing the plant to live.

Loving Response

As if returning Ian’s love offering, the plant took in the water, and within moments was green and vibrant again.

An Outpouring of Love

Ian, encouraged by the first positive thing he had encountered since Krystal’s death, went to all the plants she had not yet watered or harvested that day.  He poured a bit of love into all of the plants, and they responded by becoming green and lush once again.  After this baptism, Ian went upstairs to wash himself off.

Rai Can't Concentrate

While Ian worked alone in the garden, the teenagers gradually started coming out of their respective rooms.  Homework was still a priority for all of them, and they sat down of their own accord to try and finish it.  However, concentrating was not that easy.  Rai Sing’s brow furrowed as he tried to recall the solution to a math problem that a day or so ago had been easy for him.  Try as he might, the formula needed would not come to the forefront of his brain.

Shai Gets Frustrated

Logical Shai Ning also was having problems keeping focused, and bent over his work, hoping proximity might help his concentration.

Small Talk

Shai even tried making small talk with Rai about fitness, one of Rai’s favorite things.  Rai still struggled with his work though, and ignored the attempt at socialization.  Once again, a stony silence crept over the room.


Fah Ling had also come into the room and was trying to see about completing his homework.  He seemed to have a headache though, and raised his hand to his brow, attempting to rub the tension away.  He had barely started, and he already felt like quitting for the night.  He tried doggedly to keep going though, despite the throbbing in his temples.








Finally, Shai Ning could take no more.  Tired, sad, frustrated and angry, he shoved his chair back away from the table, and tromped off up the stairs to his room.  There would be no more homework for him that night.  Rai Sing shortly followed, somber and more subdued.  Fah Ling struggled to keep going.


While Elle and Wii chose to work alone in their rooms, Bree eventually wandered down to join Fah Ling for a while.  It was evident on her face that she was still upset by Krystal’s death, and she only had her books open a moment or two before she walked back up the stairs in tears.  Fah Ling by that point felt homework was a waste of his time that night, and went to his room to be where people wouldn’t keep walking in and out.

When all the kids were upstairs, Ian started thinking about how to help his children through their grief.  He was in the upstairs bathroom (nature seems to call more often with the elderly, he thought), and the device he had used earlier that day on the Grim Reaper came to mind.  He took it out and looked at the butttons again.

“Zap” and “Cure”.  Well, he had seen what Zap could do; how about Cure?  Since no one else was about, he pointed the machine at himself and pressed the button.




Almost instantly, all the worry and care he had been dealing with that day, the grief and the sadness and the loss…it all vanished.  Ian felt better.  He still knew what had happened, and deep down there was still a sense of loss.  Now he felt he could deal with it better, and he knew what he would do. 

Throughout the night and into the wee hours of the morning, Ian went into each of his children’s rooms once they fell into a fitfull sleep.  He “Cured” each and every one of them.  Even as they slept, he could see tension leave their faces and bodies as the softs waves of blue washed over them.  After he was done, he was tired again, but now he felt ready for a decent sleep, confident that the day would be a better one for all of them.  There was just one thing left to be done.



Lovingly Placed

As light started creeping into the windows, announcing the dawn of another day, Ian lovingly placed Krystal’s guitar on its stand.  It remained there as he left the room, a legacy to the woman that had played it so well.  Would its sweet music ever be heard again?



1. Luna - August 14, 2009

So sad.

2. celara - August 14, 2009

I promise the mood will lighten up again soon. 🙂

3. pabo9999 - August 14, 2009

oh, beautifly written *claps*

celara - August 15, 2009

Thank you so much!

4. Samantha - August 14, 2009

I once did the same with a guitar of a passed loved one. The father of the family became a rock star and passed away first. I placed a bench by the grave and the guitar and the wife slept on the bench until she passed away too. The son who inherited the love of the guitar would go out to the grave and play his own guitar while remembering his father. Was a tough time for the family who also had 6 children, lol.

5. celara - August 15, 2009

Was reading today that Les Paul, the guitarist, died on Thursday. Strange coincidence that I was writing this particular post the same day.

6. kansine - August 15, 2009

This is so beautiful but quite heartbreaking O_O When he watered the plant I really could identify his feeling…

7. chelsitskk9 - August 15, 2009

*claps* this was a beautiful post!

8. celara - August 16, 2009

I am so glad you all enjoyed it!

9. DB loves her Mac - August 19, 2009

Lovely bit about the gardening!

10. catherinesims3 - November 11, 2009

I’ve had tears in my eyes for the past three posts. You write this family so well – I honestly feel for them.

celara - November 11, 2009

Awww….I’m glad to know my writing has touched you.

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