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Moving On – Part One August 17, 2009

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In the next day or so, a new routine started to take shape without Krystal.

Bree Begins to Cook

Bree, the most family-oriented one in the family, decided that she would start preparing meals for the family.  Neurotic, like her father, Bree Li’ant chose to avoid the stove for her first endeavor, and decided to try her hand at an Autumn Salad for an early supper.

With a refrigerator packed with wonderful produce from the garden, Bree chose the ingredients needed, and started chopping away.

A Splash of Vinegar

With the ingredients sliced and diced.  It was time to make the dressing.  Having seen Krystal do it many times, Bree knew it was time for a splash of vinegar.

Time to Put it in the Bowl

Then, it was time to put the ingredients in a bowl.

Bree scooped up all the ingredients.  She was starting to enjoy this!  Now she started to realize why her mother had loved making dinner for the family.  It wasn’t a chore; it was a labor of love.





Mixing it Up

Bree carefully mixed the vegetables and dressing together.  She wanted this to be something the family would enjoy, though she knew it probably wouldn’t be near as good as anything her mother had made.

Serving Tray

Now it was time to grab a serving tray and…


Voila!  A salad that would be sure to stick to your ribs!

Sticks to your ribs...and your plate!

And, apparently, to your plate, too!


Bree called her family to the first meal she had made for them, and sat down to try it herself.  It wasn’t half bad…in fact, it was very nice!  That was probably partly due to the quality of the produce.  Krystal had been, after all, a master gardener.  Ian looked over and smiled proudly at his daughter.  He noticed Shai Ning sitting stiffly at attention like a toy soldier.  “Well, Shai,” Ian said, “What do you say to your sister for cooking us this nice meal?”


At that moment, Shai couldn’t help but be silly.  “Gee…t’anks, Sis!” he said, crossing his eyes for added effect.

Bree had her back turned though, so other than the goofy voice he had used to express his gratitude, she wouldn’t have had a clue if he were being sincere or mocking her.  Ian had also turned back to his meal, as he was enjoying it, so Shai’s attempt at humor went largely ignored by them.

The Family Enjoys Bree's Meal

Shai was not being sarcastic though.  He enjoyed the salad as much as his father did.  Elle also had sat down to enjoy hers.  Bree had taken her plate into the kitchen.  A moment later she hollered to her father that the dishwasher was broken.  Ian told her he would take care of it later.

Dishwasher Fallout

Since the dishwasher was broken, the teens had stacked their dirty dishes on the counter.  As they each went off to other areas in the house, they ignored the fact that water had been leaking from the busted appliance.

Ian Begins to Make Repairs

As twilight fell, and Ian came in to make repairs, he absent-mindedly neglected the fact that there was a pool of water just inches from his feet.  The water had dripped out of the dishwasher, which steamed and sparked in anger as its cover was removed.



1. Erik - August 17, 2009

Uh oh…

2. Samantha - August 17, 2009

surely nothing will happen…right? RIGHT?? GAH!

I love how you did the T’anks with the thought bubble, haha, was genius.

celara - August 18, 2009

T’anks Samantha! 🙂

Yeah…I really was surprised by how Shai decided at just that moment to discuss things military. It had nothing to do with his wishes or his lifetime goal (other than maybe some link to military and logic). The fact that his eyes just happened to go wonky at the same time made for a very nice way to fit it in.

My favorite was Bree’s salad that sticks to the plate. 🙂

3. kansine - August 17, 2009

Oh no… how scary! Water and electricity – a sinister combination… is he even handy? :O

lihlippb - August 17, 2009

I think he has good handy skill (not positive though)

celara - August 18, 2009

I don’t think he is as handy as Krystal was, but he does have some handiness.

4. Mannie - August 17, 2009

This isn’t looking good.

5. pabo9999 - August 17, 2009

D: this isn’t going to happen like I think it is…Is it? Please say NO!

meezletoe - August 17, 2009


6. Mega Starr - August 17, 2009

Oh boy…

7. celara - August 18, 2009

Oh boy…do you think the game would be that cruel?

Oh right…we’re talking about the Sims 3. 😛

Update is written and is on a scheduled release, but I may have to let it post a wee bit early just to not leave you all in suspense too long. 😉

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