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Moving On – Part Two August 18, 2009

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As Ian worked on the dishwasher, it would malevolently sputter and hiss at him.

Almost Done...

So far though, Ian had been cautious, and the crazed dishwasher was gradually calming down.  Almost finished, Ian reached down to make one last adjustment, the wrench coming perilously close to the water.

However, Ian not only completed his task unscathed, he had repaired enough electronic appliances at this point so that he would never again run the risk of electrocution (Whew!).

He took a moment or two to tidy up and get the water off the floor.

Bedtime for Ian

About the time he had finished, Fah Ling came into the kitchen, and Ian and he had a brief conversation.  Ian was tired though after working on the dishwasher.  He asked Fah to get some rest, as there was something he’d like to do with him in the morning.  Fah Ling went to bed about the same time Ian did, wondering what activity his Dad had planned for the two of them.

Father and Son in the Garden

In the morning, Ian told Fah Ling he had known that he and Krystal had been working on the garden together.  He wondered if Fah Ling might like to help him with the garden now?  Fah Ling was pleased to say yes.  He had been wanting to get to know his father better, and knowing that Ian also liked to garden, he hoped it would give them both something in common to discuss.

Tending and Harvesting

So they tended garden together.  Ian concentrated mainly on harvesting, working up a bit of a sweat as he did so.  Fah Ling worked mainly on watering.  When Ian went inside later to take a shower, Fah Ling finished watering and removed a few plants that were now barren.

Lifefruit and Homework

Fah Ling had sat down on the driveway to do his homework.  Ian came out, and as he stood there, he pulled out a Life Fruit he had plucked earlier and ate it.

So Good He Wants Seconds....

It was so good, that Ian decided to have another one!

Father and Son

As the afternoon shadows lengthened, father and son continued to make small talk until it was time for Fah to go to work.  It was a good day, and the family seemed to have moved on from the gloomly previous days.

In one aspect though, they hadn’t.  Fah Ling had offered to take Krystal’s remains to the Mausoleum for internment, but Ian refused.  For now, Krystal’s monument would stay in the front yard.



1. ichixfraise - August 18, 2009

Hi there. ^-^ I just started reading a few days ago, but I’ve really enjoyed the Starr family in this blog so far! I figured that with Alice and Kev on hiatus for now, I should look around at some other stories as well, and yours is my favorite so far. 🙂 (This is also the first time I’ve ever gotten myself to leave a comment!)

I enjoyed this entry and was glad to see Ian and Fah doing some bonding. Very cute. Can’t wait for the next update.

celara - August 18, 2009

I’m glad you did leave a comment, and I’m flattered to know that I’m a favorite of yours.

There are a lot of great stories out there, and many are listed in my blogroll or even on my list of personal favorites.

I usually update at least two or three times a week; sometimes more if the story really starts flowing.

I’m hoping to get a few posts in this week. I have a vacation coming up soon, but it doesn’t mean I plan to take time from posting. Instead, I plan to use it as a time to play, to have some fun both on and off the computer, and to kind of recharge my batteries. Writing sometimes helps me do just that. I also have some personal projects I’d like to see about doing during my time off.

If I can find the time, I’d like to get in a lot of story posts in the next week or so, because I know some of the things that are coming up, and I can’t wait to share them! 🙂

2. celara - August 18, 2009

BTW, I promised a few posts back that things would be getting better…you didn’t think I’d say that and then have Ian die, now, did you? 😉

ichixfraise - August 18, 2009

WELL, now that you MENTION it… xD
I almost was expecting something bad to happen to him! What with the water and the broken dishwasher. It actually happened to one of my sims when I first started playing TS2!

Have a fun vacation, by the way. 😀 Those are always a wonderful refresher!

3. Samantha - August 18, 2009

have a fun vacation! I am so glad ian didnt die and you know you could have meant the happy posts where AFTER ian died…so it could have happened…would of sucked but could of happened

pics are a bit stretched but i’m not on my comp either (cord wont charge it getting a new cord) so that might have to do with it. they all looked a little skinnier and taller xP

4. HAB - August 18, 2009

I see them like that, too. I think you might need to crop them, Celara.

celara - August 19, 2009

I took a look at the pics on my work computer. The ones that I set at “large”, which I’ve only tried using recently, are really stretching out for some reason. Weird, since on my system, I don’t see any difference.

I’ll go back in and reset the size and see if that helps.

kansine - August 19, 2009

Did you reset it already, ’cause I don’t see anything stretchy about them O_O Lovely post, anyway! Somehow you make it feel very realistic how they’re dealing with their sorrow!

celara - August 19, 2009

Yah, I did fix them…only took the sizes down. I did not replace the pictures, so I’m interested to see if someone who found them “stretched” before, will still see them that way.

Thank you! Of course, I wondered a bit about avoiding much of the mourning period with the moodlet manager, but mainly what happened what that I didn’t have a deal with a bunch of weepy, sad Sims in a bad mood for 2 Sim days. To me, the actions that came about seemed much more “real” than the game’s typical grieving process.

5. celara - August 19, 2009

OK…brought the size down on almost all the pictures. Let me know if there are still problems.

If it keeps up, I may look into other layout for the page.

Thanks for letting me know!

Samantha - August 19, 2009

I see no more tall and somewhat skiny sims 😀 its been fixed.

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