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Beginning Relationships August 27, 2009

Posted by P J Sabados in Uncategorized.

Billy Alto

When Patrice and Elle got to the Alto house, she introduced Elle to her brother, Billy.  Billy seemed please to meet Elle.  He smiled at her.

Elle seems to like Billy

 Elle smiled back.  She seemed rather interested in Billy.  She was so interested in fact that she spent much of the afternoon talking to him, even ignoring the fact that she was supposed to work that day. 

Helping with Homework

Later on, as twilight fell, Elle offered to help Billy with his homework.  He accepted, and together they went over his assignment.


Patrice sat on the other end of the porch, and worked on her own assignment.  Was she attempting to chaperone, or was she just trying to hang out with her fellow students?

Wii Shing Makes Dinner

Meanwhile, at the Starr home, Wii Shing was starting to make dinner.  Since Bree came home from work and went right upstairs to bed, she decided to give cooking a shot.  Like her sister before her, Wii decided to make her first attempt something that did not require cooking, and so she made Autumn Salad.

Dinner is Served

When it was done, she called everyone to supper.

Cleaning Up

Everyone included their guest, the McIrish girl.  They all had a nice dinner together out on the patio, and Wii even took a moment to clear the dishes.  It was getting close to curfew, so Ms. McIrish excused herself to go home.  Elle had not yet returned from the Alto house.




1. lihlippb - August 27, 2009

Elle finally found someone! And Patrice looks a lot like my older cousin. Except my cousin has her hair died black.

2. celara - August 27, 2009

Stay tuned to see if Billy continues to be an interest of Elle’s…and if any of the others find someone. 🙂 I’ve already got another post scheduled for the 29th, and I’m trying to get some more chapters written and scheduled while I’m on vacation. It’s been a good week, and I’m feeling both refreshed and creative. I’d like to see if I can actually catch up to where I am in the story. There’s so much good stuff coming up, and I’m excited to share. 🙂

3. lihlippb - August 28, 2009

I see the theme has been changed. It looks nice 🙂

4. kansine - August 28, 2009

Hmmm… interesting 😉 Wonder if they’ll all start finding dates soon? 😀 And the theme is nice, too 🙂

5. celara - August 28, 2009

Thanks for the feedback on the theme. I’d been thinking about changing it for a while.

Having graduated from the Flint campus of the University of Michigan, I like having the maize and blue colors of my alma mater. 🙂 And, although it’s not my original star sky from Sims 3, I do like their starry background.

Bit of personal trivia for ya: I got married in a planetarium in my home town. 🙂

6. Mannie - August 28, 2009

My high school had a planetarium. Is that where you got married? That’s really cool though! I always wanted to have a luau wedding.

7. celara - August 28, 2009


It was really cool. They even did a star show for the guests right before the ceremony. Ours was only the third one they’d ever done. We did a star theme for much of the wedding. It was a lot of fun. 🙂

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