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School Days August 27, 2009

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First one on

Another school day dawns, and the school bus horn blares.  Fah Ling is the first on the bus.  Perhaps he likes the fact that for a few minutes, he is alone.  School for him is difficult for his loner trait, as he has to deal with large amounts of people the whole day through.

Another one rides the bus

Within a few moments though, Fah Ling’s solitude is over.  Shai Ning comes to join him.  From this angle, Shai appears to have dark circles under his eyes.  Was his sleep troubled perhaps?

In moments, Bree and Elle join the boys.  Only two more left.  The bus driver honks the horn again.  This time, there is a bit of impatience in the blast.  School is starting soon, and he’ll need to leave soon to make sure to get the Starrs there on time.

Rai Sing gets to the bus

Rai Sing comes out to the bus just minutes before the driver is to leave.  As Ian looks on from the garden, Rai gets on the bus.

Running Late

As the bus starts to pull out, Wii Shing comes running from the house.

Missing the bus

However, it is too late, and the bus goes right by her.

Taxi to School

Though late, Wii still wants to go to school.  A taxi provided her a quick way to get to classes.

Waiting for Release

The hours pass, slowly for some students, quickly for others.  Eventually, the bell rings, and the door opens.  Students begin to spill out of the egress.

School's Out

 The Starrs begin to emerge.  Shai Ning turns and heads toward a different bus than the one that brought him to school that morning.  Apparently, he has gotten an invitation from a school chum to come over to their house.

Separate Ways

Elle heads to a different bus.  She too has been invited over to someone’s house for the afternoon.  A taxi pulls up.  Wii gets in.  She has something she wants to do before work that day. 


Rai has one of the McIrish girls with him.  She has been invited to their house for the afternoon.  Bree is a bit tired, but she will have just enough time to go home and get ready for work (interestingly enough, she’s the one that invited the McIrish girl over, but she has no plans to stay home with her). 

Going with Friends

 It’s off to the Alto house for Elle.

Bringing Home a Friend

Fah and Rai are on the bus with the McIrish girl.  Bree must be napping on one of the seats, because she is nowhere to be found. 

Another Home Visit

 Finally, the bus Shai is on pulls out, and…wait a minute…is that a girl with him?  Wonder if it’s just studying he has on his mind….

Homework over Guests?

 For Fah and Rai, apparently that’s all that’s on their minds.  They get to their homework right away, neglecting the fact that there is a guest still sitting on their doorstep.

Homework Time

 Neither one of them gets up to say anything to the poor girl until their homework is done.  Bree went upstairs for a quick shower before work, and didn’t bother inviting the poor girl in either.


One last note:  Shai apparently did have one thing on his mind. 

Work.  Almost as soon as he got to the girl’s house, he left for his job.

Tsk tsk…Shai, you’re going to have to pay some attention to the girls if you ever hope to have a girlfriend.  So are your brothers, apparently.

As to your sisters, only time will tell if they are having better luck with the boys.




1. kansine - August 27, 2009

Hehe, funny how sims can be so irrational 😀

2. celara - August 27, 2009

True. Right now I’m taking advantage of my vacation days to schedule out a few chapters. 🙂

Shai Ning has a knack for planning to go over to friend’s houses and then ditching them to go to work. This was a rare day though that so many of the kids got invitations on the same day.

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