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Busted! August 28, 2009

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Author’s Note:  Because of the rather dark screenshots, I had to adjust both brightness and contrast to make some of these pictures more viewable.  Though some appear very bright and some may seem like they are day shots, these pictures were taken in sequence and were all shot at night.


 Elle was still at the Alto house and it was only minutes before curfew.  Patrice had already gone to bed.  She had been talking to Billy.  He was beginning to intrigue her.  She was wishing to get to know him better.  She had already found out he wasn’t seeing anyone.  She knew he was rich, and a bit of a snob.  She wanted to find out more of his traits.  The clock was starting to strike.  She was breaking curfew as of this second.

Because it was so late, she thought it would be a good idea to ask to stay over.  Surely there was a guest room in a house this big. 

However, just as she was about to bring up the subject, Billy mentioned that perhaps it was time for her to go.

Drat!  She had waited too long to ask.  She had nothing left to do but go home, and hopefully get there before a police officer caught her out past time.

Unfortunately for Magique Elle, tonight was not her night…. 


Wow...not even out the door and the cops are already there.  Much more efficient than the fire department, that's for sure! :P

Wow...not even out the door and the cops are already there. Much more efficient than the fire department, that's for sure! 😛

 It seemed like she had just closed the door and turned around, and she saw lights flashing and a patrol car pulling up in front of the Alto house.  Geez, she thought, are these guys psychic?  It was almost like they were tipped off or something.  She froze in place.  The officer got out of the car and approached the fence that surrounded the Alto’s expansive yard.

“Excuse me, Miss,” the officer said.  “It’s after curfew.  I’m afraid I’ll need to escort you home.  Into the patrol car, please.”

Into the Car

 What was there to do?  The jig was up.  Elle ran over to the car and got in, just as she was told.

Escorted Home

 The Altos lived across town, so the trip took maybe twenty to thirty minutes.  Elle wondered if he would just drop her off and be done with it.  However, when the officer asked for her phone number and proceded to call her home, she knew that Ian was alerted to what was going on.  When they pulled up to the house and Ian came outside, she could tell by the look on his face that he wasn’t happy.  Ian and the officer exchanged a few words as Elle was allowed to exit the patrol car, and the officer left, knowing that Elle was safe at home.

Ian Confronts Elle

 “Well, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?”  Ian began, his voice a bit gruff.  “I was just about ready to go to sleep when the phone rang.  Why are you out so late?”

Elle Keeps Quiet

Elle didn’t really know what to say.  She was a bit hungry.  Should she tell Ian she met a boy she liked and that they had been talking most of the night?  Would he believe her when she said that nothing had really happened?


 Her thoughts had gone on a few moments, and perhaps her silence had crossed some time threshhold for response.  Ian turned.  “Well,”  he said, “what’s the scoop?” 

Waiting for an Answer

 “Scoop?” said Elle, almost giggling at her dad reverting to a newsman’s term.  “Honestly, Daddy, it was no big deal.  I was on my way home and it was only a minute after curfew when the officer stopped me.  That cop was just on a power trip.  Really, Dad, it was nothing!”

There was something in Elle’s tone that caught Ian by surprise.  He had meant to walk with her into the house, but in her begging off any responsibility he had been caught so off guard that he wound up steering himself right into the hedge.  Still knee deep in the shrubbery, he turned to face his daughter, frustrated.


 “No big deal?!?”  Ian’s voice slapped Elle’s own words back at her so furiously it startled her.  “How DARE you tell me it’s ‘no big deal!’  That officer was doing his job!  One hour or even one second after curfew, Miss Magique Elle Starr, and you were in the wrong!  You’ve never done this before!  What were you doing out there?”


Elle couldn’t believe this.  Was this her Dad?

She’d never seen him act like this before.

Upset, she started to explain, “I was just over at the Alto’s house, Dad.  Patrice invited me over, and she and Billy and I did our homework.  I was going to ask them if I could stay over, but…”











Ian cut her off in mid sentence.  “That’s enough!  Young lady, you are grounded!  For the rest of the week, if you’re not at work or at school, you’re home!  Understood?”



 Elle was shocked.  Grounded?  For missing curfew by a few minutes?  “But, Daddy…” she pleaded.

“Don’t you ‘but Daddy’ me, Elle.  That’s it.  End of discussion.  It’s late.  You had best get inside and go to bed.”

Was I too hard on her?

 Ian wondered for a moment if he had been a bit too harsh.  He always worried about all of his children, especially his girls.  For the most part, they were good kids.  This was the first time one of the kids had broken curfew though, and it had surprised him that it was Elle.  He had thought one of the boys might try it some time, but Elle was the last one he would have expected this from. 

I hate you!

 Elle, for her part, ran into the house, emotions building up until the flood gates would burst when she got to her room and cried herself to sleep that night.  As she ran, she said the words so softly that Ian didn’t hear them.

“I hate you!”



1. Mannie - August 28, 2009

Awe how sad.

2. Breegan the Freegan - August 28, 2009


3. kansine - August 28, 2009

Wow! The cops totally are psychics… and it’s a pity that every time the parents get SOOO upset about breaking the curfew, even if it was bout minutes… poor Elle… O_O

4. kansine - August 28, 2009

And btw, it was a funny detail that he was standing in the shrubbery XD Besides, it’s weird how the night pictures become so dark, because in the game the night doesn’t look so dark, but later when you check the pictures, it’s sooo dark you can hardly see anything… it was a good idea to brighten them up a bit (btw, why does the darkness fall so early in the sims?! Like 7 pm it’s really dark already… crazy!)

5. celara - August 28, 2009

It amazed me too how upset Ian got; very out of character for him. Perhaps his neurotic nature sparked his anger. Once he got that call, I’m sure his mind went over every awful thing that might have happened to Elle being out so late and by herself (even though she had been with a friend the whole time and the fact that it wasn’t really that late). Add to that a teen’s rather sassy response and you get the equivalent of adding baking soda to vinegar. 😛

I suppose until they add seasons to the game, we get the time equivalent of late fall/early spring.

As to the cops being psychics, I do wonder about that. As I was reviewing some of the character traits, I found out that Patrice Alto happens to be evil. Since evil people tend to delight in the misfortune of others, it makes me wonder: was it just chance that the cops were right outside, or did someone give them a heads up? Perhaps Patrice had felt a little slighted, after all, she was the one that invited Elle and yet the whole time Elle had done nothing but pay attention to her brother.

6. Mikayla - August 30, 2009

awwww 😦

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