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Elle Stay In; Wii Go Out August 30, 2009

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Shai Challenges Cycl0n3 Sw0rd

It was the weekend.  Elle, of course was grounded, so she was stuck at home.  She groused about inside the house much of the morning.

Shai Ning, on the other hand, decided to make the most of his weekend by trying to move up in the chess ranks.  Cycl0n3 Sw0rd, long time friend of Ian’s, happened to be next on the list.  Soon he and Shai were locked into a battle of the board.

 Wii at the Library

If Elle was upset about being grounded, she was even more so after she learned that bookworm Wii Shing had gone to the library for the afternoon.  Being a bookworm also, it was one of Elle’s favorite places to go. 

It was a long, drawn out match, but finally, Shai defeated Cycl0n3.  After congratulating him on a well played game, Shai excused himself to take care of some personal matters.

Cycl0n3 hadn’t been inside the house for quite some time.  As he walked through the house, he happened to notice Krystal’s guitar in its place by the dining room window.  He picked it up, and walked into the living room with it.

Krystal's Guitar 

Cycl0n3 began to play.  He was no master, but he was pretty good.  The tune he played was soft and sweet.  It wafted through the house.  Ian heard it faintly from where he was in the garden.  He turned to where the monument was placed in the front yard, and a tear filled his eye.  He suddenly got a wish to see a ghost; a wish that he had been making time and again since Krystal had died.  He made a promise to himself to do whatever he could do to make that wish come true.

Elle hears the guitar

Elle had been upstairs pouting when the sound of the guitar reached her ears.  It had been so long since there had been guitar music in the house.  Not since Mom…she couldn’t finish.  Drawn to the music as a hummingbird to a brilliant flower full of nectar, Elle came downstairs and into the living room to savor its sweetness.

When she saw Cycl0n3 playing, a part of her was upset.  That wasn’t his guitar; it was her mother’s.  How dare he even touch it?

Elle listens

As she continued to listen, the sound of the music seemed to wash over her soul and melt away the anger and the frustration of the last few days, and some of the cares Elle had been feeling since her mother’s death.  Elle’s hand gradually began to tap against her thigh, keeping time with the soothing melody.

It was hard to know how long Cycl0n3 played, minutes or an hour or more.  Across the city though, one young teen was finding she was getting hungry.

Key Lime Pie

 Wii decided to walk down to the Bistro and eat outside.  The afternoon was nice though a little warm.  The Bistro patio was shady, and a nice breeze made it a refreshing place to enjoy a cool slice of key lime pie.  Wii dug in heartily.  She felt as if she hadn’t eaten in days, like breakfast hadn’t really counted that day. 

Elle and Shai play Chess

Back at home, Clycl0n3 and Ian were taking some time to catch up.  Shai in the meantime was playing chess again, and Elle had decided to play him for fun.  Shai was talking parties, perhaps because his birthday was not too far off.  Of course, with the weird time warp that had happened back when they were babes, perhaps he was talking about the fact that their ‘younger’ brother would be a young adult soon.

Elle Smiles

Elle for her part was back in a good mood, and she smiled as she played and enjoyed time with her brother.

After eating at the Bistro, Wii decided that she’d like to go over to the park and hang for a while.  She was wishing to meet someone new.

She walked around for a while, and day started to change into night.  While there were people in the park, most were people she already knew.  She chatted with each for a bit.

The park crowds started to thin out, and Wii thought perhaps it was time to think about heading home.  She happened to glance up though and see two people over by the swings:  an older woman, and a teenage boy.  She didn’t know either of them; her wish to meet someone new was about to come true.

Wii sees someone new

She approached the swing set, and stopped in front of the boy.



1. Samantha - August 31, 2009

it’ll be interesting if she goes home late too. Then ian will feel like he’s losing all control

celara - August 31, 2009

Yeah…tough being a single parent. Especially a single parent with six teenagers!

Next post is already scheduled for Sept. 1st, so stay tuned to see what happens!

2. celara - August 31, 2009

Speaking of posts, I have a conundrum I’d like some input on.

I’m trying to get ready for the next post, which since I’m at the moment ahead would be on September 7th (I have the 1st, 3rd, and 5th done and ready to publish on their respective days.

However, the next group of pictures doesn’t really flow into a good story. I can do one of three things that I can see:

1) Move past them and go to the next best place to start a chapter (you might miss some things that might be important down the road).

2) Put up a post of groups of pictures with comments, and not worry about putting them into a chapter format at all.

3) Write some mini-chapters and post them a bit more often until it gets to a point where longer chapters are able to be posted again.

Any feedback on these or any other possible suggestions would be appreciated. I’d like to try and keep ahead of myself for a while.


kansine - August 31, 2009

I like the second option the best 🙂 Mini chapters are kind of frustrating XD And I don’t want to miss anything 🙂

celara - August 31, 2009

I’m hoping to get a few more responses. I do agree that I don’t want you all to miss anything. Some things are rather mundane, but there are some of those mundane things that tie in to future events.

lihlippb - August 31, 2009

I think Number 2 also sounds good to me, I don’t want to miss anything important :O

3. kansine - August 31, 2009

A cliffhanger-like ending – I could bet that something will happen between her and the boy! XD Great chapter! Now that they are teenagers their life is even more interesting when they are more independent…

celara - August 31, 2009

Kind of an obvious ending though. Teenage girl sees an old lady and a teenage boy. Who to talk to…? Hmmmm…. 😉

4. DB loves her Mac - August 31, 2009

I like mini-chapters. Sometimes an intriguing side story happens that just can’t find a place in the main flow of things, and minis are good for that.

Poor Elle. I’m glad the music eventually cheered her up.

5. Mannie - August 31, 2009

#2 and 3 are very much alike and I think either of them would be great.

Since Ian wants to see a ghost, is he going to go visit Appleslope? That place is crawling with ghosts…

celara - September 1, 2009

I think there is one particular ghost he wants to see, because he never had that wish before Krystal died.

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