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Meeting Hasan September 1, 2009

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Wii says helloWii walked up to the young man in the park that evening.  When she had seen him, he had looked familiar to her.  Perhaps they went to the same school.  He certainly was attractive in her eyes.  It wouldn’t hurt to find out more about him.  Confidently, she said, “Hi there!  I’m Wii Shing Starr.  How are you?”

“Prety good,” he said, glancing her over.  “I’m Hasan.  Hasan Keaton.”

“Your name sounds familiar,” said Wii, pausing a moment to rack her brain.  “Say…aren’t you in my Simlish Literature class?  You sit over by the windows, don’t you?”

“You talking about Mr. Edward’s class?” Hasan asked, looking at her intently. 

“That’s it!”  exclaimed Wii.  I knew I’d seen you somewhere before!  You did that great presentation on “Murder in Pleasantview!”

Hasan was very surprised to know that she had remembered that presentation.  He’d gotten an A on it, but during presentations, most of his classmates would zone out and pretend they were listening.  A few that day had even been caught sleeping in class.

Wii kept gazing at the young man, and they started looking into one another’s eyes.  They talked of trivial things for a time.  School, friends, siblings, it was all pretty mundane stuff.


However, they were so intent on gazing into each other’s eyes that they both quite forgot about the older woman near the swings.  She stood there, perhaps thinking these two needed watching over, lest they get into trouble.  Eventually, the conversation turned to more important matters.

Seeing anyone?

Wii got a little shy as she asked.  “So…um…are you seeing anyone?” 

Almost as soon as she asked, she was berating herself silently.  Geez, she thought, way to go!  He probably is going to think you’re being pushy.  He’s probably got a girlfriend already.  He probably wouldn’t be interested in me.

Hasan tilted his head and glanced at her again.  She’s so pretty, he thought to himself.  She’s probably got tons of guys after her.  A guy like me probably wouldn’t have much of a chance.  Still, she had asked….

“No,” he answered.  “I don’t have a girlfriend or anything.  I’m sure a girl as pretty as you probably has a boyfriend though, huh?”

He thinks I'm cute!

Wii felt like she was going weak in the knees.  He thought she was cute!  She could feel a warmness spread across her cheeks, and Wii knew she must be blushing.  He smiled at her, waiting for her answer.

“Ohhhhhh…(it almost sounded like ahhhhhh, it was so breathy)…noooooo…I-I’ve never really had a boyfriend before.”

At her response, Hasan’s smile grew even broader.  They talked some more.  Wii found out accidentally that Hasan could be a bit grumpy when she told him a joke and he didn’t like it.  A quick apology smoothed things over though.  She found out that he wasn’t currently working, but that he was ambitious and planned to advance to the top of his field once he made a career choice.  For his part, Hasan learned of Wii’s job at Diversadero Books, that she was a bookworm, and he gathered from the books she had mentioned that she was a romantic at heart.  One thing he knew for sure; Wii Shing intrigued him.


It was getting late, and if she didn’t leave soon, Wii might wind up getting caught out after curfew like her sister did.  Acting on impulse, Wii said, “Hasan…I really like you.  I’d like to get to know you better.”

Positive Reaction

“Y’know,” Hasan said, color now creeping up into his cheeks, “I was just about ready to say that I’m wii-shing to know you better, too.”

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Hasan thought.  Did I just make a joke on her name?  ‘Wii-shing’ to know you better?  Lame, dude, really lame.

Oh.  My.  Gosh.  Wii thought.  Did he actually make a pun?  Perhaps he wasn’t as grumpy as he let on.

They stood there for a timeless moment, gazing at each other.  The stars in the sky seemed to sparkle in their eyes.  A love spell seemed to be weaving its magic around them, drawing them closer.  While their feet stayed rooted to their places, their upper bodies seemed to have a magnetic attraction that slowly began to pull them closer to one another.  This force, continuing on its current course, would have them in each others arms within moments, and a crush would be flamed by the passion of a first kiss until….

“Hey, you kids,” came the voice of the elderly woman still standing there next to the swings.  It’s only a few minutes before curfew.  Shouldn’t you be getting home?”

Her voice broke the spell of the moment, and the two moved back, both turning red now from the embarrassment brought on by the realization that they had an observer the whole time.  The two said quick goodbyes after exchanging cell phone numbers, and they promised to talk at school on Monday.

As she left the park, the older woman smiled to herself, remembering back to a time with her first love in this very same park.  Then, they had been alone, and there had been no one to break that spell.  A twinkle in her eye turned to a tear of remembrance of a lifetime love, now lost to time and old age.



1. Mannie - September 1, 2009

Awe, I love this chapter. Very nice! Wii looks like she really has to pee in that screen shot when Hasan thinks she’s cute. 😉

celara - September 2, 2009

LOL…in a way she does! 🙂

2. kansine - September 1, 2009

Awww, it’s so CUTE! 😀 I love the way you write and the fact that you told their exact speech lines! ^_^ And Hasan IS really cool looking, I can relate to Wii XD

celara - September 2, 2009

Awww…glad you liked it. I had a lot of fun writing it. I’m not used to writing dialogue, but this particular post really screamed to have a conversation take place. 🙂

3. Breegan the Freegan - September 1, 2009

That was really sweet…

“Oh. My. Gosh. Hasan thought. Did I just make a joke on her name? ‘Wii-shing’ to know you better? Lame, dude, really lame.”

I love that. Don’t we always say the silliest things in front of the people we fancy. LOL

4. Samantha - September 2, 2009

Awww, so cute. And I love how the elderly woman took over Old Mrs. Crumplebottom’s habit.

5. celara - September 2, 2009

hehehe….hadn’t thought of that.

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