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After Midnight September 3, 2009

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Chess Game

Wii had gotten back from the park, and things were winding down at the Starr household just after midnight.  Shai was telling Elle how he was going to clean her clock one more time.  Rai, watching them play, considered that it might be time to toss out a few plants that were now barren.

Watching TVWii Shing was upstairs, watching television.  She seemed rather intrigued by the show on the screen.

WeddingIt turned out to be a romance story, ending in a wedding.  After Wii’s night in the park, her choice of show seemed to mirror her romantic thoughts about meeting her first love interest.





Stupid toilet

Meanwhile, Shai and Elle had finally finished their chess match.  As Shai prepared for bed, Elle went to use the bathroom.  She wasn’t too happy though when the toilet clogged, and her frustration clearly showed.  She went to bed, her improved mood of the afternoon now somewhat diminished.

A Late Supper

Rai Sing was hungry, so he grabbed some leftover pancakes from the refrigerator, and had a late supper.  Bree and Fah, who had been hanging around in the living room for much of the evening, now went to bed.  Rai took care of his dishes, and then went to join his siblings upstairs.


Even Wii Shing finally went to bed, her dreams filled with romance and a first kiss.

Bubble Bath

At this point, the only one awake was Ian, who was taking a bubble bath, trying to relieve some of the cares of the day.

But, what’s this?  Someone else is stirring in the quiet house?

One of the children, up for a late night snack?

A burglar perhaps?

Who can it be?!?

As the camera pulls back, the picture reveals a visitor that is unexpected, but not by any means unwanted.

<scroll down>











Krystal Returns

Krystal Starr has come home.



1. ohhaiii - September 3, 2009

Aww I hope he get’s to see her it will also fulfill his wish from earlier about seeing a ghost, it will be even better because it’s Krystal 😀

celara - September 4, 2009

Let’s hope he has a ‘ghost’ of a chance then. 😉

2. kansine - September 3, 2009

Wow, she’s just sitting at the computer like notihng would have happened 😀 I enjoyed the post, thanks! ^_^

celara - September 4, 2009

You know how hard it’s been for me to not just spill the beans and say she would be back? I’ve been waiting to post this for weeks! 🙂 Glad you liked it!

3. Mannie - September 3, 2009


celara - September 4, 2009

Heh…you should have seen my reaction. I heard this noise that was unfamiliar. I thought perhaps it was a burglar, so I started looking around to see if someone was sneaking up to the house. When I spotted Krystal, I got really excited. I hollered to my husband who was playing WoW in another room, saying that Krystal was back in the game! He was of course less enthused than I was, so of course I got back to playing to see what would happen next. The next chapter will show that. 🙂

4. ichixfraise - September 4, 2009

I love how Sims that have passed away come back for visits. Quite frequently in my game, actually. (And the first thing he did was play video games… Silly. xD)

Anyway, I forgot to check for a couple days here because it was my first week in college, but I enjoyed the last couple posts, too. Very cute with Wii and her new potential boyfriend. x3

celara - September 4, 2009

Congrats on your first week in college! 🙂

I have a theory about why that might be (the playing computer games thing), but I’ll wait to share it after the next chapter posts.

I’m glad you enjoyed the last few posts. They were very fun to write. As to Wii and Hasan, they will be appearing in future posts, but as to how the relationship turns out, you’ll just have to wait and see. 😛


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