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Fah Ling and the Life Fruit September 22, 2009

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Lifefruit and Homework

A while ago, after helping Ian in the garden, Fah Ling had noticed out of the corner of his eye his Dad Ian eating a strange fruit from their garden.

“Hey, Dad,” Fah Ling said, “I know we’ve been growing those, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried one.  What kind of fruit is that?”

“Well, Son,” replied Ian, “It’s what’s known as a life fruit.  They’re said to help you live a longer life.”

“Cool.”  Fah said, turning back to his homework.  However, he stored that bit of information away in his memory.

Fah Ling, you see, had found himself in a unique situation throughout most of his life.  By birth order, he was the youngest of the Starr children.  However, because something mysterious had happened when he disappeared as a baby, he wound up aging to a child before any of his brothers and sisters.

It was an awkward spot.  Because he was last in the birth order, he never got treated as an older child.  Yet, he never got the attention usually lavished on the youngest in a family either.  Even his siblings would introduce him as “my oldest youngest brother” or something similarly silly.  After years of feeling out of place, he thought he may just have found a way to regain his true rank among the Starr children.

Fah Grabs a snack while he and Rai watch TV.

The only thing Fah worried about was side effects.  He had done some research and most studies only talked of older adults and elders using Life Fruit; never teens.  For all he knew, it might have some other weird aging effect on him and he might wind up worse than before.  He decided to risk it though.

He had tested it out a few days ago by snacking on a life fruit while one of his siblings was nearby.  Rai was so interested in the show that he hadn’t been paying attention to what Fah was eating.  Fah didn’t really seem to feel much different afterwards.  He decided to study up some more.

In his studies he found out that the life fruit affected age by a certain number of months depending on how much was consumed.  The math was a little fuzzy, but based on most of what he read, he figured that about half a dozen more of the fruits should do the trick.

Getting ready to chow down

 So, Fah got up extra early one morning after stashing about eight of the life fruit in his room.  He grabbed the first one, contemplated it a moment, and then thought to himself, “Here goes!”

Take a Bite

 With that, Fah Ling bit into the first piece of life fruit that day.  It was so sweet and juicy.  It didn’t take him long to finish, juice still dribbling down his chin.  One after another, he picked up the life fruit and ate them; six in a row when he seemed to feel something.

 That's good....

He had fruit number seven in his hand.  Though his belly was quite full, he had a very pleasant sensation wash over him.  He couldn’t help but smile.

Feelin' it.

The sensation washed over his entire body, and he had never felt so revitalized before.  “Whoa!” he said to himself, staring at the fruit in his hand, “I think that might have done the trick!”

There would be only one way to find out if it worked or not.  Who would be the first to become a young adult:  Fah Ling, or Shai Ning?  The youngest, transformed by time, or the oldest, back in the right order by time reset?  Did Fah Ling calculate correctly, or would he remain a teen long after the others had grown and moved on.



1. kansine - September 22, 2009

Haha, “oldest, youngest brother” XD I hope that the life fruit helped Fah to become the real youngest brother 😀

2. Mannie - September 22, 2009

How funny if it turned him into a kid again.

3. Mannie - September 22, 2009

Or maybe I’m reading Kansine’s story too much??? 😉

kansine - September 22, 2009

LOL! 😀

4. celara - September 23, 2009

LOL you two!

I really had to wonder what it would be like to somehow be shifted out of your birth order. Being the youngest of two it was harder to see how it might work in a six kid family, but I thought he’d probably be treated like a middle kid in a way.

Shai Ning would have had plenty of time to establish himself as oldest, and even though Fah took over the ‘oldest’ spot with his glitched aging, Shai still would be first born regardless. When Fah disappeared, the girls once again became the babies in the family, and Fah wasn’t really a toddler for long when he came back. Since he jumped over the girls in birthdays, they got the established ‘baby of the family’ spot.

One thing Fah didn’t figure into his calculations though: He’s a teen, and that means until he ages up, he still has to go to school. 😛

kansine - September 24, 2009

LOL, if he becomes too young, he has to go through the same grades many times XD

celara - September 24, 2009

I don’t think it would allow him to change from say a teen to a child (I know it wouldn’t in Sims 2 with the water cooler), so I think he can only become so young. I wonder if he just keeps taking the same classes over and over.

5. lihlippb - September 23, 2009

Interesting post, I wonder what it’s like to go from youngest to oldest? It probably has happened in real life, if your siblings died or something. I’ve always been the youngest of two so I can’t say I know what it feels like.

celara - September 23, 2009

I don’t think I want to know what it feels like; I love my brother. 🙂

6. tipix7 - September 23, 2009

That’s an interesting way to use lifefruit! I hope it works 🙂

celara - September 23, 2009

Well, I know what his current age position is now…you all will just need to wait and see. 😉

7. trinquette - September 23, 2009

Interesting, can’t wait to read more.

celara - September 23, 2009

I am hoping to have another chapter up soon.

(later) In fact, it’s up now. 🙂

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