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Dinner and Homework September 24, 2009

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At least this time the guest have someone greeting them at the door.

Bree Li’ant came home from work one day to find a group of three people waiting on the Starr doorstep.  She greeted them all and then asked, “So, what are you all doing out here?”

The story was pretty much the same for all.  Invited over by one of Bree’s siblings, they had arrived and waited to be invited inside.  And waited, and waited….

“You all must be hungry by now,” said Bree, feeling it her duty to play hostess, seeing that her brothers and sisters had been lax in their duties.  “Why don’t you all come inside, and I’ll fix some supper.”

Gratefully, they all accepted, and came in to find a place to sit down.

Rai and Shai ignore the guests.

The group of guests would have had to have moved through the living room, where Shai Ning and Rai Sing had taken up places to work on some interests.  Shai was studying a book of logic, hoping to improve his chess game.  Meanwhile, Rai was working out, hoping to improve his physique.

Bree makes dinner for everyone.

Bree busied herself in the kitchen in the meanwhile, and soon she called their company to dinner.

Bree eats dinner with the houseguests.

Hasan, Billie, and the McIrish girl gratefully sat down to dinner.  Bree joined them, making small talk, and playing her role as hostess.  When she got done, she said, “If you’ll excuse me, I have some homework to do.  If you’d like, you’re all welcome to join me.  We could work together.

The girls start turning to the books.

The McIrish girl readily agreed.  Hasan and Billie said they would in a few moments.  About this same time, Elle and Wii came in.  Elle, who had eaten earlier, decided to join the others for homework.  Wii decided she would eat first.

Homework party.

When the boys came in, Billie immediately sat down with the girls and started his homework.  Elle had invited him to sit with her on the floor, but he ignored her, perhaps a bit upset about being left on the doorstop earlier.  Hasan sat down for a moment, and looked down to the far end of the table, where Bree and Wii were sitting, bent over their books.  A few minutes later, Bree announced that she was done with her work.  “It was good seeing all of you,” said Bree, “but I think I need to go to bed.  Good night all.”

When Bree started going up the stairs, Hasan moved to where she had been sitting.  From this seat, he was right across from Wii Shing.

Making eyes.

Elle finished her homework.  Unlike her sister, she did not say anything.  She merely gathered up her things and went upstairs.

When the McIrish girl finished, she said she needed to go home and quietly left.  Billie was running out of steam and soon followed.  Hasan and Wii mulled over their homework a long time.  Their work was interrupted by bits of sweet talk and romantic glances.

Hasan leaves, book in hand.

Eventually, even Hasan had to leave, and he did so right before curfew.

Krystal thinks about Hasan.

Though Krystal did not make an appearance until a few hours later, she seemed to have an awareness of Hasan’s presence that night in the house.  Perhaps her connection to the spirit world made her more aware of the thoughts and feelings of those within the walls of the place that had been her home ever since she had moved here.

However, Krystal’s thoughts quickly moved from the young man interested in one of her daughters to the reason she had come into the house that night…

I thought ghosts didn't want to be "exerecised".

She wanted to work out!

Enjoying a good workout.

Apparently, even ghosts like to work out now and then, and Krystal jumped and bent for quite some time.

Even a ghost needs a bath and rest.

She continued to work out until she was tired.  Though ghosts might not sweat, Krystal still felt the needed a bath, and she climbed into the tub and stayed there until just before sunrise, relaxing.



1. kansine - September 24, 2009

Awww, the whole chapter is so lovely, the family is so cuuute!! XD I don’t really know what to say, just wanted you to know that I love this 😀

2. celara - September 24, 2009

They are a very nice group…with the exception of leaving company on the doorstep. 😛

3. Mannie - September 24, 2009

At least they have Bree for that!

celara - September 24, 2009

Bree I think has taken it upon herself to be the woman of the house. She’s the one that cooks and cleans more than any of her siblings. She is the family oriented one. She’s also neat and friendly. The friendly, family oriented part of her may be why she’s the one that makes sure the guests feel at home.

4. Mariia - September 28, 2009

Lol I love this blog! Please check out mine http://agrandmothersstory.wordpress.com/

celara - September 29, 2009

Thank you! I’ll have to check it out! 🙂

5. Breegan the Freegan - September 28, 2009

They really are a great family. I just love Bree.

6. tipix7 - September 30, 2009

I love how typical that is for simmies, just leave everyone at the front door after inviting them over.

Ghosts need baths too? All mine do is haunt the darned things so that my living sims can’t bathe.

7. celara - September 30, 2009

I had no control over Krystal’s actions at all. She did all this on her own.

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