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Another Haunting October 31, 2009

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Moved Grave

Ian had decided that perhaps now would be a good time to move Krystal’s gravesite out of the front yard.  He decided that the side of the house would be the best spot, and he soon had everything in order.  He planted flowers over the grave, the blues and whites forming a pretty blanket over the place Krystal’s remains lay.

Forgot Something

Ian started watering the garden.  A neighbor called to him as he passed, and Ian waved.  As the neighbor continued down the street, Ian’s brow furrowed.  He was supposed to be doing something.  He started recalling his morning, checking items off on his fingers as he went.  He got up, made the bed, brushed his teeth (twice), came outside, moved the grave…it just wasn’t coming to him.  Eventually, he shrugged and went in to clean up.  He didn’t remember what he’d been doing, but it had made him sweaty.

Napping Fah Ling

It wasn’t until school let out that Ian remembered again that the plants in the garden needed to be watered.  He came to that conclusion after wondering where Fah Ling was when he didn’t get off the bus.  What he didn’t know was that Fah Ling was so tired after his stayover at the Harts that he wound up napping on a bench at school.  Fah would wake up just before it was time to go to work.

Enjoying Homeword

Meanwhile, others in the Starr household were beginning their homework.  Wii really seemed to be enjoying the assignment.

Interesting Conversation

It seemed to be a geneology project.  Wii was discussing family trees with Bree, who mentioned births and babies.

Homework Discussion

When Bree started working on her own assignment, Elle seemed to continue the conversation from earlier.  She mentioned childhood.  Bree however, seemed more intent on the outdoors, discussing parks.  Rai ignored both of them, and stated he was ready for a snack break.

Eventually, the homework was all done, snacks and dinner were out of the way, and the house settled down for sleep…until about 1:30 in the morning, when it was time for a regular visitor.


Krystal seemed a little disoriented when she appeared.

Looking over the new location

She turned, and seemed to notice the fact that her grave was in a new location.  It was hard to tell if she was pleased or upset.

Walking away

Turning again, she moved away from her grave and toward the entrance to the house.  She bypassed the downstairs and instead went upstairs.

Haunted toilet

Krystal went into the upstairs bathroom and promptly possessed the toilet.


It was hard to tell by the motion how Krystal felt.  Perhaps more than anything, it showed her frustration with the fact that she could not communicate effectively with anyone.

Back to normal?

She rattled the commode around a few minutes, and then released it, and reappeared.

Not Done

Her haunting did not appear to be over, however.  She spotted a new target, and leaped.

Possessed sink

All of a sudden, the sink started to shake.  Krystal had taken possession of it.

Continued possession

The possession continued again for several minutes.  Eventually Krystal got tired of this game, and things went back to normal.

Possessing the couch

Krystal then took possession of the couch, where she watched a rather intriguing movie.

I remember fishing

Shortly before dawn, Fah Ling joined Krystal on the couch and seemed intrigued by the show as well.  In one scene, a group of people that were fishing were attacked by a shark.  Krystal seemed to recall something about fishing…she seemed to remember enjoying it.  However, like always, any attempt to converse seemed to fall on deaf ears.  Fah Ling didn’t take his eyes off the program on TV.  Perhaps Krystal would have thought about possessing the TV to make him pay attention, but dawn broke, and she was forced to leave.


Fah Ling’s Stay Over October 1, 2009

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Fah Ling’s days off were during the week, and since he had an open invitation from Angel Hart to come stay over some time, he decided that his day off would be a good day to take his friend up on his offer.