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Fah Ling and the Life Fruit September 22, 2009

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Lifefruit and Homework

A while ago, after helping Ian in the garden, Fah Ling had noticed out of the corner of his eye his Dad Ian eating a strange fruit from their garden.

“Hey, Dad,” Fah Ling said, “I know we’ve been growing those, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried one.  What kind of fruit is that?”



Loss August 9, 2009

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Days passed, and routine once again settled in.

One particularly beautiful morning after breakfast, the kids had gone off to school, Ian was working on another story, and the housekeeper had just arrived to tidy things up.  Krystal started her day much like any day, by working in her garden.  She weeded, she harvested fruit, she watered the plants, and she enjoyed her time in the sun.


The Fruit of Life July 31, 2009

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Krystal Eats a Life FruitOn one of her many walks, Krystal had discovered a seed that she had never seen before.  Many times before, she had planted seeds found on walks and had been able to grow new vegetables in her garden.

After days of tending the new plant, Krystal was surprised to see something she had never encountered before.  It looked a lot like a pear, but its golden skin almost seemed to glow, and it was so bright it almost looked like it had a halo hovering over it.


Burnin’ Down the House? July 24, 2009

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I smell smoke

Within moments, more and more of the party guests were smelling smoke.  Rai Sing went out on the patio to look.

“Fire!” he shouted, “The grill’s on fire!”

Rai and Leigh

As Krystal called 911, Rai Sing stood, staring at the blazing grill.  Former babysitter Leigh Withers stood there, also staring.  Ian ran out to the patio to see exactly what was going on.

Krystal runs to the patio

Krystal was told that the Fire Department was on the way.  She also ran out to patio just as the flames leapt higher.  Rai and Leigh raised their arms to try and ward off the growing blaze.

Another former babysitter comes outside

Another former babysitter, whose name escaped Krystal and Ian in the excitement, also rushed out to see what was going on.  The fire seemed to become the big entertainment draw of the evening.

In the distance, the sound of a fire siren could be heard.

Arrival of the fire truck

Within seconds, the fire truck pulled up to the Starr’s house.

Flare Up

More and more party guests and family members were gathering on the patio.  Another flare up caused several to shriek and recoil from the flames as they shot up.

As Krystal cringed, she worried.  Could the flames shoot over to the house and burn it to the ground?  Would she and Ian lose their home?  Would the fire fighter arrive in time to prevent the worst from happening?

Dash for the Door

As if in answer to her unspoken question, the fire fighter made his dash for the door….

Birthday in the Park July 21, 2009

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Fah Ling was about to become a teenager, and Krystal thought it might be nice to throw a party outside of the house for a change.  Since she always liked going to the park, she thought the park might be a nice place to have the party.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 1However, Krystal invited a lot of people to the party, and while everyone was up at the picnic tables eating, Fah wandered down to where his cake was waiting.  He really wasn’t into having a whole bunch of people around him.






Fah Ling Teen Bday 2

Since no one was around, he decided that maybe now would be a good time to light his candles and celebrate his birthday…alone.  However, Shai Ning spotted him, and decided to join in.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 3

Once they heard Shai toot his horn, others saw what was going on, and started to head down to join them.

Fah Ling Teen Bday 4

Friends and family were starting to get closer…would he blow out the candles before they all got there?

Fah Ling Teen Bday5





It looks like he made it.  The candles are out, and no one got too close.




Fah Ling Bday 6

More people were starting to gather, but by this time, Fah Ling was so excited about his birthday that he didn’t seem to care about anything but celebrating!

Fah Ling Teen Bday 7Fah was very excited when he felt his growth spurt coming on.  He knew he was growing up.  He was excited to become a teenager.  He couldn’t wait to be…

Fah Ling Bday 8








…his Dad?!?

With his light hair and heavier build, Fah looked a lot like Ian.  Fah Ling knew when he got home that night, he was going to need to update his look…

Fah Ling Teen Bday 9

…but, until then, it was time for cake!

When Fah got home that night, he not only updated his look, he got to remodel his room as well.






Teen Fah Ling

Fah didn’t change much to his look other than his hair and the color of his clothes.  Since black is his favorite color, he chose to go to black pants and a black leather jacket.

FL Room Remodel

Fah Ling was allowed to have a room of his own.  The room he shared with Shai Ning was split in two.  Fah decorated his black.  He had two windows in his room, as well as wall sconces.  Even at night, the dark room could be fairly brightly lit.

The Girls Grow to be Kids July 15, 2009

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Girls bd 1While most of the time, Krystal liked to have birthday parties before dark, it had been a busy day, and so the party started after sunset.

One by one, the girls were to be brought to their cakes to blow out the candles.  Bree was the first, and she quickly grew into her childhood body.

Krystal looked at the sky.  She seemed worried that a storm might come in and spoil the festivities.

girls bd 2 Wii seemed to be taking her time as Ian set her down.

girls bd 3








Gradually though, the change came upon her…

girls bd 4

and she grew into her child form.

Ian and Krystal were a bit nervous.  They realized that Wii had never mastered talking!  They worried how it might affect her.  After all, Fah had been without their attention for quite some time, and he had become a hot head, getting angry over sometimes trivial matters.

For the moment though, Wii seemed to be fine.  Perhaps their concern was unwarranted.  Only time would tell.

girls bd 5



Meanwhile, Elle impatiently waited for her turn.  Before she could even get to her cake, she grew up.

There were no more kids in daipers in the house.  It was time to do some renovation while the family slept.



update 1

The toy chest and doll house were moved upstairs for the kids.  A block table was added for additional play opportunities.

The old couch and TV were taken to the second floor as well, and a newer TV and couch were installed downstairs.  Shai had wished to paint, and an easel was placed in the room he shared with Fah.

update 2

Gone were all the cribs, the baby toys, and even the teddy bear that had sat, unloved day after day by the Starr infants.  The old nursery was converted into a dining room, with seating for the entire family.  The old dining room was converted into a home office, with Ian’s older computer joined by a newer model.

In the kitchen, a toy stove joined the real one.  Perhaps one of the children would develop a passion for making food.

It appeared a leak had sprung during the night.  Someone was going to have a mess to clean when they woke up.

Toddlers Times Five July 5, 2009

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SN toyThe day starts pretty much like any ordinary day.  Shai Ning is up and playing with one of the toys in the nursery.


Rai Sing June 28, 2009

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Rai Sing 1


Shai Ning Becomes a Toddler June 28, 2009

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SN Bday 1Once again, the yard is decorated for a birthday.  However, this time, it’s NOT Krystal’s birthday.  Shai Ning, the Starr’s oldest, is about to become a toddler!  The candle is lit, and Krystal helps her son blow it out.


Making it Count June 28, 2009

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Krystal decided that being a frumpy gray just made her feel too old.  It was time for a style change.