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Dinner and Homework September 24, 2009

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At least this time the guest have someone greeting them at the door.

Bree Li’ant came home from work one day to find a group of three people waiting on the Starr doorstep.  She greeted them all and then asked, “So, what are you all doing out here?”



Fire Fighting July 26, 2009

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Fire Still Rages

As the fire fighter made his way into the house, the fire was still raging on.  Despite the distress this was causing among some of the guests on the patio, most everyone still seemed to be having a good time!

Fire Extinguisher

All of a sudden, the whoosh of a fire extinguisher was heard as it blasted toward the blaze.  It wasn’t the fire fighter doing his job though.

Tamara Donner

Tamara Donner, long time friend of Krystal, decided that enough was enough.  She bravely started to fight the fire herself.  Rai Sing, though brave, was still a child, and was clearly upset by the fire in his own home.


Arms out as if in supplication, Krystal seemed to be also wondering why this was happening.  Fear clearly showed on her face.

Ian is Fearful

Ian was also afraid.  He was standing very close to the grill, and when the flames flared up, they came extremely close to him.  He seemed almost mesmerized, too scared to move to a safer place.

Leigh and Ian

Out of the corner of his eye, Ian caught a glimpse of Leigh.  She was equally frightened, however, she had been able to move herself back away from the flames and out of harm’s way.

Making His Way to the Blaze

The fire fighter was almost through the living room and on his way to the dining room, the only room allowing access to the patio.  Shai Ning, seemingly oblivious to the danger outside, had grabbed a piece of his cake and was eating it near the archway leading to the kitchen.


Perhaps it was starting to dawn on Krystal that there was more to lose here than just her grill or her home.  Several of her friends and family were standing right next to that grill.  A large spark or flare up could leave one of them injured…or worse.

More Go to the Patio

The smell and the sounds coming from the patio drew more people outside as moths to a flame.

Another Brave Soul

Though Tamara had been battling the fire, it didn’t show any signs of dying down.  Another brave soul emerged from the crowd, extinguisher in hand, to help battle the blaze.

Angelique and Tamara

It was Angelique Finley.  once teenage babysitter, now grown woman.  She glanced at Tamara as they worked together to battle the inferno that had grown out of the smouldering grill.

As the grill continued to burn, Wii Shing and Bree Li’ant had moved in closer to see what was going on.

Krystal Fears for her Girls

As another flare up occurred, the girls were clearly frightened.  Krystal was fearful for her girl’s safety and she urged them to move back.

Fire Fighter Fights His Way Through the Dining Room

Meanwhile, the fire fighter had just gotten partway into the dining room, still nowhere near the fire.

Another Birthday June 28, 2009

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Krystal's Elder Birthday

Once again, the house is decorated for a birthday.  Whose birthday is it?  Krystal’s!  She’s about to become an elder.