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Fah Ling and the Life Fruit September 22, 2009

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Lifefruit and Homework

A while ago, after helping Ian in the garden, Fah Ling had noticed out of the corner of his eye his Dad Ian eating a strange fruit from their garden.

“Hey, Dad,” Fah Ling said, “I know we’ve been growing those, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried one.  What kind of fruit is that?”



Reaction and Action August 14, 2009

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When Ian woke up from his impromptu nap on the floor, he went back downstairs.  There was a note on the kitchen counter from Bridget.  “Dear Ian,” it read.  “I’m so sorry I wasn’t able to finish everything today.  I hope you can understand.  I was just too upset.  I am very sorry for your family’s loss.  I’ll do better tomorrow.  Bridget.”

Ian sighed.  Bridget was a nice young girl with a good heart.  He knew how distraught she had been that morning, and could understand why she had left early that day.  He’d still pay her day’s wages; it wasn’t her fault this had happened.

He napped for another hour or two, until the bus was due to arrive.  When they all came in, Ian sat his children down, and told them what had happened.  They all reacted quite differently.


Loss August 9, 2009

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Days passed, and routine once again settled in.

One particularly beautiful morning after breakfast, the kids had gone off to school, Ian was working on another story, and the housekeeper had just arrived to tidy things up.  Krystal started her day much like any day, by working in her garden.  She weeded, she harvested fruit, she watered the plants, and she enjoyed her time in the sun.


Togetherness August 7, 2009

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Wii and Shai play chess

 While many times, the members of the Starr family would go off separately and follow their own whims, on other days, they valued time spent together. (more…)

The Fruit of Life July 31, 2009

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Krystal Eats a Life FruitOn one of her many walks, Krystal had discovered a seed that she had never seen before.  Many times before, she had planted seeds found on walks and had been able to grow new vegetables in her garden.

After days of tending the new plant, Krystal was surprised to see something she had never encountered before.  It looked a lot like a pear, but its golden skin almost seemed to glow, and it was so bright it almost looked like it had a halo hovering over it.


Enjoying Retirement July 7, 2009

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K Fishing

Krystal has taken up a few new interests since she retired.  A new pasttime is fishing.  She loves being outside, and it seems to relax her.

K Gardening

Gardening is still a favorite activity for Krystal.  Each morning, she tends her garden, and grows food to feed her family.  Occasionally, when there’s a surplus, Krystal will sell some of her fruits and vegetables to earn some extra cash.

While Krystal still wants to master the guitar, she’s put it on the back burner for now, as she aspires to be a master gardener.

Krystal from time to time will also take some of the surplus family funds and has bought partnerships in some of the local businesses.  She looks upon these as an investment in her family’s future.