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Dancing and Romancing December 1, 2009

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Another day of school done, and another day of homework.  However, today was a little different.  The Starrs had some company over.

Katrina McIrish had come home with one of the girls.  She and Rai Sing had finished their homework early.  Someone had turned on the stereo when they had come in the door, and one of Rai’s favorite songs started to play.  He looked over.  “Hey, Katrina,” Rai said casually, “do you wanna dance?”



Dinner and Homework September 24, 2009

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At least this time the guest have someone greeting them at the door.

Bree Li’ant came home from work one day to find a group of three people waiting on the Starr doorstep.  She greeted them all and then asked, “So, what are you all doing out here?”


Meeting Hasan September 1, 2009

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Wii says helloWii walked up to the young man in the park that evening.  When she had seen him, he had looked familiar to her.  Perhaps they went to the same school.  He certainly was attractive in her eyes.  It wouldn’t hurt to find out more about him.  Confidently, she said, “Hi there!  I’m Wii Shing Starr.  How are you?”

“Prety good,” he said, glancing her over.  “I’m Hasan.  Hasan Keaton.”

“Your name sounds familiar,” said Wii, pausing a moment to rack her brain.  “Say…aren’t you in my Simlish Literature class?  You sit over by the windows, don’t you?”

“You talking about Mr. Edward’s class?” Hasan asked, looking at her intently. 

“That’s it!”  exclaimed Wii.  I knew I’d seen you somewhere before!  You did that great presentation on “Murder in Pleasantview!”